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Dr. Health Nut

An Interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola

Glutamine: Destroying the Dogma - Part 2

Does glutamine live up to the hype? Not really. Here’s why.

No Pump Chump

We all go through periods when pumps elude us. Frankly, these periods really suck. And worse, they seem beyond explanation. It's a bloody shame, considering how motivating enlarged, vascular muscles can be.

Ab Training for Athletes and Babe Hounds

Become a better athlete by training your abs like this. Side effect: You’ll also look awesome. Check it out.

  • Abs
  • Exercises You've Never Tried 4

    Shake up your training with these untraditional exercises that build muscle and strength. Check ‘em out.

    The Supercharger

    A closer look at the supplement that can improve your mind, your muscles, and even your sex life!

    The Volume of Strength Program

    4 Weeks To a New Personal Best!

    The Power Look

    How to build powerful traps that perform as good as they look.

    Massive Cooking

    Healthy, muscle-building food doesn't have to be bland and boring. These cooking tips are worth learning. Check 'em out.

    Rest-Pause Training Re-visited

    Go to any gym these days and you see most trainees doing an endless number of reps all in the hopes of attaining the oh-so elusive and fleetingly short pump.

    STOP the Catabolic Insanity!

    As kids, we all looked at superheroes with a sense of awe – not just for their heroic acts of fending off the bad guys, but also for their seemingly flawless muscular bodies. In fact, I know of more than one guy who started working out in order to emulate their favourite superhero.

    The Painful Seven

    The 7 best hamstring exercises you can perform at a regular gym.

    Meltdown Training 2

    Blend Olympic speed-strength exercises with hybrid sets and a few dirty tricks and what do you get? Really fast fat loss. Here’s how to do it.

    Death by Bodyweight

    Can’t make it to the gym? Here’s how to get a killer workout anyway.

    Save Your Parents!

    Let's see if this situation sounds vaguely familiar. You're passionate about taking care of your body. You work out, you eat right, and you take supplements to fine tune the way your body looks, feels, and functions. If you piled up all the hours you've spent studying all this stuff, you'd think some University would just flat out give you a PhD.

    Lose The Fat, Keep The Strength

    It's possible to maintain and even build strength while stripping off body fat. Don't think so? Then try this when you're ready to lean down.

    Exercises You've Never Tried 5

    The best exercises are often the ones you aren't using. To prevent adaptation, try some of these unconventional movements.

    Power Broker

    An Interview with Christian Thibaudeau

    Behind the Iron Curtain

    Soviet Training "Secrets" to Spark New Muscle Growth

    Booty Call

    A Glute-Dominant Workout for Increased Strength

    Train For Your Frame

    What's the quickest way to take your physique to the next level? Give up? Well, the answer depends on your calf insertion points. No, I'm not kidding!

    Refresher Course

    10 Ways to Screw Up Your Diet

    Steroids for Health, 2003

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (on-line issue #18 to be precise), T-mag ran an article called "Steroids for Health." The idea behind the article was sound and quite revolutionary at the time: steroids, when used safely and sanely, will not adversely affect your health; in fact, they may even be healthy.

    Ditch the Holiday Leftovers

    I've been riddled with guilt. I threw out a batch of mom's Christmas cookies today. Her fudge went too soft – as did my wife's cornbread-sausage stuffing, the candied yams, and the bowls of lovingly prepared homemade munchies that have been sitting around my house.

    Bench Press Battlefield

    Manipulate the CNS and Tap Into Hidden Strength!