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Tip: Supercharge GH Production

Boost growth hormone and build strength and muscle by using this simple training trick.

How to Build a Powerful Neck

Weak neck, weak body. Here's the best way to do neck bridges so you can say goodbye to that pencil-neck.

Olympic Lift Variations to Get Big

Size gains with the Olympic lifts? Yes, it’s possible. Here’s how.

My 6 Most Important Training Discoveries

Charles Staley reveals 6 awesome training epiphanies; any one of which, if implemented, could markedly improve your training and your physique.

The Clean High Pull

Increase muscular power and overall athleticism with this challenging, yet fun, lift.

Mastering the Snatch

The snatch is one of the toughest Olympic lifting movements to learn, but this guide will get you started.

Weightlifting Versus Powerlifting

Whether you're new to lifting or a seasoned strength trainer looking to take up competition, understanding the difference is critical.

The Perfect Snatch

The one-arm snatch is one of the best and most time-efficient total body exercises. Here’s how to do it.