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You're Hurt - You're Not Dead

Injured? That doesn't mean your workouts should consist of channel surfing. Here are some great heavy-weight exercises you can still do.

Weird Workouts That Really Work

Shake up your training with Tabata for biceps, eccentric roll-outs for abs, and speed push-ups.

Unconventional Workout - Abs

Still doing three sets of crunches for abs before leaving the gym? Check out this article for a new approach to the coveted six-pack.

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  • Ugly Ab Training

    Forget about trying to build pretty abs with crunches. Instead, build nasty-strong abs and they'll look great too. Here's how.

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  • Triple Threat Core Training

    Properly bracing your abs can immediately boost your strength. Combine that trick with three core exercises and you've got high performance and great abs.

    Total Core Training for Lifters

    To train the core musculature properly, you need to do the right exercises at the right time. Here's your complete guide.

    To Crunch or Not to Crunch

    Experts say crunches are worthless and bad for the back. Are they right? Here’s the real science.

    Tip: Two Ways to Train Abs with Bands

    Abs and obliques need resistance to get strong. Here are two exercises you can do anywhere.

    Tip: Turn Off the Hip Flexors to Build Abs

    If you can easily knock out dozens of reps of an ab exercise, it's probably because your abs aren't doing much work. Fix that. Here's how.

    Tip: Try This Gut-Punch of an Ab Exercise

    This ab exercise will make you feel like you just got a fist in your breadbasket, but it'll really build your abs.

    Tip: The Upper-Body Exercise You're Missing

    Add this to your training and boost your upper-body strength, core strength, and even your bench press PR.

    Tip: The Toughest Loaded Carry

    Build your core strength and boost your squat, deadlift, and bench performances with this unusual exercise.

    Tip: The Standing Rollout Checklist

    It's one of the toughest core exercises. Here's how to master it and reap the benefits.

    Tip: The Russian Core Exercise

    This forgotten core movement will make you better at just about any physical activity. Check it out.

    Tip: The Right Way to Do Hanging Leg Raises

    Great exercise, if you do it correctly. You're probably not.

    Tip: The Right Way to Crunch

    The stability ball crunch is a good exercise, but most people screw it up. Here's how to do it right for best results.

    Tip: The Right and Wrong Way to Cable Crunch

    Wickedly effective ab exercise, if you're doing it correctly. You're probably not. Here's the definitive guide.

    Tip: The One-Arm Press Test

    Have you become neuromuscularly complacent? Try this core strength test and find out.

    Tip: The Oblique Builder

    A strong core takes more than just ab training. Give this exercise a shot.

    Tip: The Next Level Plank

    Turn the boring plank into a full-body exercise with this challenging variation.

    Tip: The New Ab Shredder Workout

    This has been a favorite of figure competitors for years now. Here's a couple new ways to do it.

    Tip: The Most Challenging Core Exercise

    Abs. Chest. Shoulders. Lats. This tough exercise hits them all. Can you do it?

    Tip: The Misinterpreted Ab Training Study

    With all the talk these days about having a strong core, why do many lifters still have weak-ass abs? Here's part of the cause.

    Tip: The Least Effective Core Exercise

    Honestly, people who do this exercise may not be smart enough to read an article about why it's a dumb exercise.

    Tip: The Hanging Windshield Wiper for Abs

    Already have a strong core? Get it even stronger with this advanced exercise while also targeting your obliques.