Hybrid Multi-Grip Swiss Bar by Titan Fitness

This versatile bar allows you to choose between four different grips to target different muscles without irritating your elbows and shoulders. It’s rated to hold 1900 pounds so you’ll never outgrow it. It features medium diamond-textured knurling and a tough powder coating.

Fast-Lock Barbell Clips

These unique clamps lock tight and attach in one second. Unlike other collars, they can be attached from the top or side and removed quickly. As a bonus, each has an added magnet to catch the weight plates. And when you’re finished using them, just slap them to the side of your rack for out-of-the-way storage.

X Ultra Pioneer Hiking Boots

Walking is healthy. Walking on inclines and uneven surfaces burns more calories. Walking outdoors decreases stress. So head to the hills with these Salomon hikers. They’re waterproof, lightweight, and super grippy.