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Scorch Muscle With the Dubreuil Effect

It’s a plan only for true muscle masochists. It was first proposed in Iron Man magazine in 1976. We know why it didn't get popular – it hurt too much.

10-Minute Sets

Timed sets aren't just for OCD clock-watchers and the kettlebell kids. They're a simple, effective, but extremely painful way to build both work capacity and serious muscle, fast.

Breaking Down the Pistol Squat

Tom Furman gives you a step-by-step lesson in learning this slightly more ambitious version of the single-leg squat.

Gravity Iron: No Weights Needed

Furman combines bodyweight exercises with the deadlift to make a simple, no-frills program that's highly effective in packing on muscle.

Winning the IT Band War

It's definitely not sexy, but if you really care about weight training, you should pay a little attention to your IT band.

Leverage Alteration Training

Pair your exercises the right way and you'll get bigger, faster. Here are 28 ways to do it!

18 TAT (Tension Alteration Technique) Movements

Tom Furman unearths and revitalizes an old forgotten technique to extend sets. Remember not to kill the messenger when the paralyzing pain hits you.