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Tip: Take the 1-Minute Pull-Up Challenge

It's tougher than it sounds. Check out the details of the challenge here, then let us know how you do.

Squat Right for Your Type

Don't freak out, but not everyone is built for barbell back squats. Luckily, there are plenty of hardcore alternatives.

New Rules of the Overhead Press

Very few lifters know how to perform the overhead press correctly. Stand out from the crowd and learn to nail this sucker.

High Frequency Squatting

A bigger squat requires more squatting. Here's a unique way to squat frequently without burning out or breaking down.

Do the Big Lifts Every Day

If it's important, do it every day. But how do you program the big lifts in daily and not crash face-first?

Fit Enough to Fight

At some point, you may have to physically defend yourself or your loved ones. Are you bad enough to brawl?

4 Weightlifting Myths Destroyed

These training myths do more harm than good. Ditch the dogma and get stronger today.

The Magic of Cluster Sets

A fresh look at a very old way to get big and strong. If you feel like you leave the gym not having worked hard enough, this method is for you.

Screw Exercise Variation!

Some coaches say to cycle through dozens of exercises to prevent losing your gym boner. Will this endless variation make us better, or are we just indulging the ADHD crowd?

6 Stronger Bench Exercises

Most benchers exhibit 1 of 4 problems. Here are 6 innovative fixes, including chaos bench-presses, iso-hold bench presses, and dead-start upper-body box jumps.

4 Stronger Squat Exercises

Whatever your squat problem, be it eccentric strength, bottoms up strength, full-body tension, or posterior chain involvement, Todd B. has an exercise solution.

Accelerate Gains By Overreaching

The most radical gains of your life won't come by accident. For that, you need a gut full of ambition and a borderline crazy plan.

The 600-Pound Deadlift Textbook

In his quest to pull 600, Todd Bumgardner threw all his conventional deadlift wisdom out the gym window.

5 Mistakes That Killed My Progress

Caffeine overloads, tragic neglect of kettlebells, wayward experimentation, and other mistakes that made coach Bumgardner the butt of cruel jokes.

Cobra Traps and Cannon Ball Delts

Jacked delts and traps are undeniably awesome to look at, and they help protect the shoulders from injury. Make yours bigger and stronger. Start here.

Fillers: Pairing Strength with Mobility

Carpet-bombing your body with dozens of mobility drills is painfully boring. Here's how tactically using just a few in between big lifts can make you bigger and stronger.

Deadlift Assistance 911

Some great unexpected exercises and techniques to pull your deadlift out of its hole.

15 Commandments for the Big 3 Lifts

15 benching, squatting, and deadlifting tips to lead you to the powerlifting promised land.

Reaching Your Potential in the Big 3

Everybody wants to add more wheels to their squat, bench, and deadlift. But sometimes it's the little things that trip us up. Give this a read and start hitting some PR's.

Half-Pulls - Not Half-Assed

Most trainees have no business performing half-reps of any exercise, but partial deadlifts are another story. Here's a solid partial range pulling program that will get your full deadlifts moving in the right direction.

Practical Guide to GPP

Whether your goal is to smash PR's or steamroll opposing quarterbacks, the key to outstanding performance is outstanding preparation. Here's how to set-up a GPP program that sets you up for success.

Are You Ready to Overhead Press?

Four advanced ways to manipulate your reps for size and strength gains.

CAT, Plyo, and Board Presses

Compensatory acceleration, plyometrics, and board presses - tools to explosive bench pressing.

5 Pull-up Challenges

You can't consider yourself a ballsy lifter if you're terrible at pull-ups. Here are five tests to see how you measure up.

Upper-Back Training for Deadlifts

Your pull is only as strong as your weakest link, and for many, it's not the lower back that's holding you back.