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Tip: Challenge Yourself With a "Changeup"

Baseball pitchers use a changeup to shock and confuse the batter. Apply the strategy to your training and make the basics even more brutal. Here's how.

Tip: Take the 100 Rep Deadlift Challenge

Can you beat this test in 10 minutes? Take a look at the details and give it a shot.

The 5 Rules of Workout Challenges

Fitness is filled with workout challenges and WODs. And most of them are stupid. Here are three smart ones that take only 10-15 minutes. Bonus: How to design your own.

Tip: Do the Animal Crawl Workout

Beast mode? We'll show you beast mode! See if you can survive this 15-minute metcon challenge.

Tip: Bench Press to Lose Fat

Sounds crazy, but this challenging workout will not only test your mettle, it'll set your heart and lungs on fire. In a fun way. Take a look.

Tip: The 10-Minute Leg Day Challenge

Test your front squat, deadlift, and testicular fortitude with this unique workout. Check it out.

Tip: Take the Half-Mile Of Hell Challenge

Grab a few kettlebells or dumbbells, find an open space, and see what you're made of. Here's how.

Tip: 20-Minute Bench & Chin-Up Challenge

Test your bench press, chin-up, and conditioning with this brutal (but smart) challenge. Check it out!

3 Workout Challenges for Warriors

These aren't just physical challenges, they're diagnostic tools to help you find your weak points and demolish them. Are you ready?

Tip: Do These 3 Mobility Drills for Better Squats

Perform these drills before you squat and you'll feel the difference.

Squat Like a Champion

Squats aren't for everyone, at least not right away. Here's how to systematically work your way up to squatting like a champion.

5 Training Rules You Must Obey

We all make mistakes, but here are 5 things you better be getting right if you want to build muscle and get strong.

Deadlift Challenge: 405 x 10

Coach Rooney smashed his deadlift goal using the "pseudo sumo" deadlift and five rules. Here's how you can too.

Train Like A Man 9

You study T Nation and you work out for hours each week, so you think you're hot stuff. Prove it by getting a decent score on Martin Rooney's Mantathlon!

Train Like A Man 8

Enough bull about how much you used to lift "back in the day," what can you do right here, right now?

Train Like A Man 7

It smacks of a conspiracy - your gym is making some of the most effective muscle-building equipment go the way of the Dodo unless you do your part to stop it!

Train Like A Man 6

Fantastic exercises and strategies to get your butt bigger, stronger, and leaner.

Train Like a Man 5

You think Paleo man was concerned about staying in his "fat burning zone"? He might've had a uni-brow, but he wasn't that stupid.

Train Like A Man 4

History tells us that real men should train their bodies like high-performance machines, not hamsters.

Train Like a Man 3

You're not going to make any progress if you don't run with the outlaws every once in awhile.

Train Like A Man 2

Hey, you with the cell phone on the recumbent bike...your physique sucks because your workout sucks.

Train Like a Man!

Choose high-tension exercises for high-testosterone results.

11 Myths of Warrior Training

Martin Rooney wants to change how you think about MMA training. Check out his insights here.