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Real Core Training: Offset Loading

How adding more weight to one side of the body can help you smash even the most stubborn plateaus.

You Don't Know How To Breathe

Focusing on proper breathing can enhance your training and improve strength in a whole lot of unexpected ways.

How To Build A Tight, Rock-Hard Waist

Shrink your waist, maximize strength, and crush the big lifts with these core training techniques.

  • Abs
  • Total-Rep Training

    It's the perfect auto-regulatory program: Do as many sets as necessary to hit a total of 25 reps with your 5-6RM. Then drop the resistance and rep out.

    4 Exercises for Big Arms & Hard Abs

    Four multi-tasking exercises that work the arms, hit the core, and vacuum the midsection all at the same time.

    3 Ways to Power Up Your Glutes

    Build superhero legs and glutes by combining three powerful cues while squatting or deadlifting.

    How to Trigger Size Gains Every Workout

    Only training heavy won't build much muscle. Only training light won't either. Here's a tough workout plan that leaves nothing out.

    Tip: Do this Exercise to Build Biceps and Abs

    This variation of the cable curl strengthens the core and biceps at the same time. Here's how to do it.

    Push-Pull Training: The Next Generation

    The push-pull training split has been building slabs of muscle for generations. But can it be improved? You bet. Here's how.

    One Exercise for Stronger Squats & Biceps

    Perfect your squat form and build your biceps with this simple (but challenging) exercise. Check it out.

    Tip: For Pull-Ups, Hang Weight in the Back

    The way most lifters add load to the pull-up leads to poor lifting mechanics and even back pain. Here's the simple fix.

    Tip: Master the Standing Rollout

    Not many people can do it. Too bad, it's one of the best core exercises out there. Here's how to work your way up to it in five steps.

    Tip: Build Biceps & Abs With the Inverted Curl

    Target two muscles groups with just one super-effective exercise. Here's how.

    Tip: Is Cardio Best Before or After Lifting?

    A new study is finally giving us the answer. Check this out.