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Tip: How to Lunge for Big Quads & Glutes

Some trainers call this bad form. Then again, some trainers are kinda dumb. Check it out.

Tip: A New Way to Build Rear Delts

This exercise makes it impossible to cheat, and it'll hit your glutes and hams too. Take a look.

Tip: The World's Toughest Core Exercise

Can you handle this brutal move? Take a look.

Tip: Do the Double Barbell Press

It looks crazy, but it'll build your delts and overhead strength like nothing else.

Tip: Heavy Negatives & High-Rep Finishers

Combine these two methods for fast muscle growth. Here's how.

The Best Core Exercise. Period.

This exercise makes you suck air, improves upper body strength, eases back pain, and builds a concrete core.

  • Abs
  • Tip: Rows for Pros

    Here's a new way to do the seated row and a favorite of NFL athletes.

    The Best Training Tool for Triceps

    Hitting the triceps like this provides stimulation that dumbbells can't duplicate. Here's how, plus 6 exercises to try out.

    Tip: The NFL Plank

    Train your core like a pro. Try this brutal plank variation.

    Tip: Try the Kettlebell Kickback

    Kickbacks are known as a wimpy triceps exercise, but perform them like this and they'll turn into real muscle builders.

    3 New Ways to Bench Press

    These odd-looking but highly effective pressing exercises build slabs of muscle and even improve your lifting mechanics.

    Tip: Better Than Triceps Pushdowns

    Here's a new move that beats the snot out of your regular triceps exercises.

    Tip: For a Bigger Chest, Do Headless Presses

    Improve your form, build more strength, and hit your pecs harder with this simple adjustment.

    Tip: How to Build Pecs With a Foam Roller

    Yes, really. This training method will also improve your lifting mechanics. Take a look.

    Tip: The Full-Body Bench Press

    Want to build more pressing power and overall strength? Flip your bench. Check this out.

    Tip: The Most Painful (and Effective) Way to Squat

    Yeah, it hurts, but if your legs are lagging it'll build them up fast.

    Build Monster Overhead Strength

    Use these 5 training methods to build your shoulders, strengthen your entire upper body, and overhead press scary weight.

    Tip: Two New Ways Build Upper Body Strength

    Get stronger overhead and add slabs of muscle to your shoulders with these advanced techniques.

    A New Trick for Building Your Legs

    Make legs great again. Or make yours great for the first time. This little trick will change how you train your lower body.

    Tip: A Tougher, More Effective Way to Lunge

    Looks a little crazy, but this variation reinforced good mechanics. Warning: It'll also leave you sore for days.

    Tip: Scorch Your Triceps With This Exercise

    Combine the best elements of rope pressdowns and straight bar pressdowns to create one hellacious exercise.

    Tip: Give Barefoot Training Another Shot

    Barefoot training and minimalist shoes were a big trend a few years ago, but everyone made one big mistake.

    Tip: Do This Chest Exercise Instead of Declines

    This movement is far superior to the regular decline bench press. Check it out.

    Tip: The Toughest Bench Press of All Time

    Master this lift and you'll dramatically increase your upper body strength. Take a look.

    Tip: A New Way To Use a Trap Bar

    Build your lats, delts, chest, triceps, and abs at the same time. Here's how.