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Weekend Training for the Busy Guy

Some harried salary men only have the weekends to train. So here's a basic, balls-out program that takes advantage of that fact.

Strong in the Stretch

Jeremy Frisch doesn't think weightlifting is hard enough, so the dang fool had to monkey with it by adding static holds or stretch bands to some old favorites. Bastard.

Split Stance Lifting for Athletes

Maybe you're a bodybuilder through and through, but you still ought to know how to do some of the "old time" training methods like the split style. Besides, it may just put on some muscle, and that ain't bad.

The Mobility Complex

We'll admit it. Warm-ups suck. They're no fun, but we realize their importance. Luckily, Jeremy Frisch has come up with a couple that are hugely effective while still being tolerable to us warm-up haters.

50 More Tips for Serious Athletes

A grab bag of bad-ass tips for bodybuilders, strength athletes, football players, MMA fighters, hacky sackers, and even Amish rake-fighters. Regardless of your sports calling, you're guaranteed to find something useful in this article.

Combos For Power and Size

Combos consist of big-money lifts done in rapid succession. Do them right and you'll muscle up quick, along with building speed and power. Oh yeah, you'll also drop some blubber... assuming your heart doesn't explode.

Strength Exercises That Work Your Core

Real "core" training - not that Bosu Ball crap - with cool videos. What else do ya' need?

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  • 50 Tips for Serious Athletes

    Jeremy Frisch is the performance director at the Competitive Athlete Training Zone in Acton, Massachusetts, where he works with athletes from age six to college level.