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Tip: Master the Muscle-Up

It looks cool and it's a tough exercise, but most people can't even do one rep. Don't be most people.

Jumping Rope: From Beginner to Boxer

Skipping rope torches fat and builds supreme conditioning. Here's how to master everything from the basic boxer skip to crossed double-unders.

Tip: 5 Ways to Dominate the Toughest Ab Exercise

Most people can't even do it on their knees, much less standing. (Wait, that sounds dirty.) Here's how you can master it.

Tip: Do This Mobility Drill For a Better Squat

This might just be the easiest way to fix most ugly squat problems. And it only takes about 30 seconds. Check it out.

Tip: Master the Double Under

Avoid these 5 mistakes, skill up, and replace your boring cardio. Here's how.

Tip: 7 Challenging New Ways to Build Your Chest

How to build your pecs with no bars, no dumbbells, and no machines.

Tip: Do Pull-Ups Anywhere Like This

No pull-up bar? No problem. Try this.

Tip: One Dumbbell, Full-Body Strength

Build your shoulders and full-body strength with one exercise. Here's how.

Build Your Abs With a Barbell

Eight challenging ways to build your abs and boost core strength. All you need is a barbell and a high pain tolerance.

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  • Tip: The Super Lunge

    Get more range of motion, build more muscle, and get stronger with this exercise. Check it out.

    Tip: The Most Challenging Core Exercise

    Abs. Chest. Shoulders. Lats. This tough exercise hits them all. Can you do it?

    Total-Body Sled Training

    There's more to sled work than drags. Here's how to build your chest, back, glutes, arms, shoulders, and abs with this simple tool.

    Tip: You Need to Be Doing Ring Pull-Ups

    Here's why, plus how to prevent the most common mistake.

    Tip: 4 Challenging New Ways to Do Sit-Ups

    Turn the sit-up into a full upper-body exercise with these tough new exercises.

    Tip: An Unconventional Way to Build Forearms

    This bodyweight move not only builds your forearms, it's a great way get ready for serious gymnastic-based training.

    The Most Complete Upper-Body Exercise

    Muscle-ups might just be the best upper-body exercise around. Here's how to do your first one, plus 10 advanced variations.

    Tip: Stretch Your Lats From Top to Bottom

    Add this tweak to your favorite stretch and really loosen up those tight lats.

    Tip: The Oblique Builder

    A strong core takes more than just ab training. Give this exercise a shot.

    Tip: An Unconventional Way to Improve Your Pull-Ups

    Do more pull-ups and do them with more weight strapped to your body. How? Use this cool training method.

    Tip: The Standing Rollout Checklist

    It's one of the toughest core exercises. Here's how to master it and reap the benefits.

    Tip: Why You Need Low-Rep Pull-Ups

    Instead of using crappy form and wrecking your elbows to get more reps, use these techniques to make the strict pull-up tougher.