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Your Doctor, Your Dealer 2

I was on a journey for greater knowledge regarding our friend "Mr. T." This journey took place on foot, in person, and online. It was also well worth it.

GH: The Untold Story

How to lose fat and gain muscle with low doses of growth hormone

May the Forskolin be with you!

Forskolin burns fat through two different pathways: causing the body to burn fat for energy and enhancing thyroid function.

Vitamins: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Have you ever been in a health food store or drug store and found yourself staring at a multivitamin bottle and wondering what do all these "ABC's" do and how much of each do I really need? Hell, I have.

T and Your Ticker

The Positive Effects of Testosterone on the Heart

Liver Paté

The Care and Feeding of the Liver

Eat Like a T-Man

Can diet affect Testosterone and estrogen levels?