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How to Train Like a Bad Ass

Back pain got you hobbled up in the corner of the gym? Dust off your manhood and read this article.

A Stretch Routine That's Actually Doable

Some of the biggest, strongest guys are also crazy flexible. Here's how you can get there.

Anti-Ab Training

Real core training is all about the anti: anti-flexion, anti-extension, and anti-rotation. Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Squat and Sprint

    Combining heavy weights with intense sprints will deliver rapid mass gains. Here’s how to do it.

    Deconstructing the Dumbbell Row

    Chances are, you're doing your dumbbell rows incorrectly and we're all laughing at you.

    Make Your Routine Less Routine

    Variety doesn't have to mean replacing the basics with Bosu balls and Zumba classes. Try this to shake things up.

    Is the Leg Press Worthless?

    Some say that the leg press is worthless compared to the squat. Here’s the truth.

    Training Variations for Mass Gain

    How to train like a strength or power athlete in any gym with basic equipment.

    Back Blast for the Tragically Latless

    A little science combined with some sweat equity and a great program can make the most stubborn lats grow. Check this out.

    A Pain-Free Pec Program

    Some guys have anemic pec development simply because benching heavy hurts too much. Here's your fix.

    Awaken the Glute Monster!

    From sports performance to looking good in a pair of jeans, the glutes are important. Here’s how to wake them up and get them working for you.

    Stretching Doesn't Work

    Stretching and mobility aren't the same thing. Here’s what you really need to know to move better and feel better.

    Smart Overhead Pressing

    A litany of shoulder exercises that both fix AND build your shoulders.

    Stop Doing Corrective Exercises!

    Are people taking the ideas of correct exercise too far? This coach says so. Check it out.

    Do You Need to Squat Deeply?

    Everyone says deep squatting is the only way to go. But is that right for your goals? Find out here.

    Stop Jerking Your Deadlift

    Guys who can pull a ton don't get there by jerking the weight up. Here's the right way to get set for a big PR.

    Superhuman Planks

    If you can do anything other than focus on not blacking out while performing a plank, you're doing it wrong.

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  • How to Do the Jefferson Deadlift

    A deadlift variation as old as the barbell that will pack on mass and kick up your pulling power.

    9 Ways to Get Better in the Gym

    Great tips and strategies to help you reach your strength and physique goals. Check ‘em out.

    Turkish Get Ups Make You Awesome

    Ready for a challenge? The Turkish Get Up will take your stability, core strength, and mobility to the next level.

    The 5 Best Exercises Ever

    Here are the most effective exercises in the history of forever.

    What You Don't Know About BOSU Balls

    Newbies and bad personal trainers love them. Experienced lifters and most coaches hate them. Here are the actual facts.

    Tip: Deadlift Daily to Get Stronger

    Yes, you can deadlift almost every day, get stronger, and not get injured. Here's how.

    Tip: Warm Up Your Joints. Here's How.

    Lift heavy weights safely and increase range of motion with these four simple drills.

    Tip: You're Doing Lateral Raises Wrong

    It's a common form mistake and an easy fix. Here's how to do it right for better results.