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A Powerful New Way to Squat

Squat like a monster. Frankenstein's monster to be exact. It'll build your quads, improve your regular squat form, and make you beastly strong.

Tip: Lose Fat With a Timer

Get your stopwatch ready. This strategy will help you to eat only when hungry AND avoid overeating at mealtime.

Tip: How To Do Every Rep of a Calf Exercise

To build calves, every single rep needs to have four steps. Here they are.

Tip: The Only Good Smith Machine Exercise

This crazy-looking training method will improve your bench press strength.

Tip: The 6-Second Trick for a Bigger Bench Press

A fast, easy, and scientifically-backed way to increase force production on the bench press. Check it out.

Ugly Ab Training

Forget about trying to build pretty abs with crunches. Instead, build nasty-strong abs and they'll look great too. Here's how.

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  • Tip: The Machine That Strengthens Your Pull-Ups

    Most assisted pull-up machines will NOT make you better at regular pull-ups, but there is one that will. Check it out.

    6 Weeks to Superhero

    I've tried every way known to man to quickly put on a significant amount of muscle while simultaneously getting ripped to shreds. This is what I've found to be the absolute best method.

    Tip: How to Cure Big Arms/Small Back Syndrome

    Do your arms take over during back training? Then you need to try this exercise.

    5 Best Loading Schemes for Size & Strength

    Want size? Want strength? How about both? Find the right loading scheme for your goal here.

    Tip: How to Activate Your Pecs for Better Gains

    Do this superset before heavy bench presses to safely lift heavier weight.

    Tip: How a Kettlebell Can Make You a Better Bencher

    Do a few sets of this drill before chest day and you'll perform better on the bench press. Check it out.

    Tip: Prepare Your Shoulders for Heavy Lifting

    Use this quick drill to loosen up your shoulders and increase blood flow before a tough workout.

    Tip: Activate Your CNS, Then Lift Heavy

    Do this first and you'll lift more weight and have fewer injuries.

    The 10-Minute Bench Press Solution

    Recruit more muscle, build more muscle, and improve your pressing performance, all without pain. Here's how.

    Tip: Rethink the Dynamic Effort Method

    Sounds like powerlifting heresy, but this popular method doesn't work for most average people. Here's why.

    Tip: The Sweeping Deadlift for Strong Lats

    This little-known exercise will not only build your lats, it'll make you a better deadlifter and Olympic lifter. Here's how to do it.

    Tip: Train Right for Your Profile Type

    Find the type of training that fits your neurological and psychological profile and you'll succeed. Here's how.

    Tip: Build an Ironclad Midsection

    Screw planks. Do this exercise to take your core strength to the next level.

    Genetic Limits and Muscle Migration

    Still trying to be the biggest dude in the gym? Once you've reached your muscular potential, your body will fight back. Here's what to do when it does.

    Tip: Do Cardio Separate From Lifting

    You'll build more muscle. Here are a few ways to do it, and some ideas to try if that's just not possible for you.

    Tip: Do This BEFORE You Curl

    Use the first-tension principle to build bigger, stronger arms. Here's how.

    The 7 Best Workouts for Fat Loss

    Any fool can lose fat, but getting shredded while keeping or even building muscle takes know-how. Here's how to do it.

    Tip: The Leg Exercise No One Does Right

    Nobody coaches this lower-body movement correctly. Here's where they get it wrong, plus a better exercise.

    Tip: 5 Ways to Make Bodybuilding Better

    Why competitive bodybuilding is in trouble and how to actually fix it.