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East European Bodybuilding

Muscle mass secrets from the old countries

Eccentric-Base Training

When you think of science, the first thing that probably comes to mind is images of atrophied, goggle-wearing weaklings in white coats. Bulging muscles and inhuman strength are certainly not part of your mental image!

Abs on Trial

High intensity vs. volume training. Olympic lifting vs. powerlifting. High intensity cardio vs. low intensity cardio. The list of debates and disputes in this field goes on and on, and perhaps the most disputed area is abdominal training.

  • Abs
  • 7 Secrets to Rapid Recovery

    You get gains by balancing training stress and recovery. Here’s how to recover faster so you can train harder.

    The Lost Art of Hamstring Training

    Most people, even lifters, have weak hamstrings. Here’s why and how to get them bigger and stronger.

    8 Weeks to a Record Bench

    A bench press specialization cycle that'll drastically improve your max bench.

    Band Training for Big Gains

    Everything you need to know about advanced band training for size and strength.

    Training for Easy-Hard Gainers 2

    Ecto-mesomorphs: the lean and lanky guys who've built muscle. Here's what they can do to stay on the gain-train.

    Lifting for Fat Loss

    In the dawn of the bodybuilding era, back in the 1940's, 50's and 60's, muscularity was basically only a matter of having a lot of size and mass.

    Thibaudeau's Top 7 Tips

    Christian Thibaudeau lays out his seven most effective tips for getting big, getting strong and performing better.

    Training for Easy–Hard Gainers 1

    Most strength coaches will categorize an athlete or client into one of three classes based on their responsiveness to training: easy gainer, hard gainer and average gainer. Let's take a look at each category.

    The Training Quiz for Smartasses

    A test for know-it-alls and those who think they do.

    Rubber Vs. Iron

    Band training for accommodating resistance, variable resistance, and max acceleration.

    The Mutation Series - Part 3 Continued

    My bodybuilding training includes a bit more heavy lifting than most "regular" bodybuilding programs, and as such will lead to some significant strength gains.

    The Mutation Series - Part 3

    In this last installment of this series, I want to give you a quick three-week physical peaking routine designed to help you gain some more muscle while increasing muscle density. You should also be able to lose more fat in this stage.

    The Success Quiz

    There's nothing more frustrating than committing to a training program that doesn't pan out. This is equally true for an athlete who might work hard yet still falls short of his expectations and the strength coach whose biggest satisfaction comes from the great strides his athletes make.

    Pendulum Training for Athletes

    A while back here at T-Nation, I released a series on what I called Pendulum Training. This is basically a training system that has you switching from structural training to functional training every week.

    Shoulders Overhaul

    Average shoulders are easy. Any lifting will make them look okay. But truly impressive shoulders are harder to get. You need this plan.

    The Mutation Series - Part 2

    Get ready to mutate, in a good way. Here’s weeks 4-6 of a Coach Thibaudeau’s 12-week transformation plan.

    Isometrics for Mass!

    A new way to use isometric training for size and strength.

    The Mutation Series - Part 1

    Ready to undergo a major mutation of body composition? Here are weeks one through three of your next big transformation.

    Violent Variations - Part 3

    High Stimulation Training Methods for Enhanced Growth

    Violent Variations - Part 2

    High Stimulation Training Methods for Enhanced Growth

    Violent Variations - Part 1

    High Stimulation Training Methods for Enhanced Growth

    Pendulum Powerlifting

    Back in December, Coach Thibaudeau introduced T-Nation to Pendulum Training, his particular style of non-linear periodization, then he applied this effective approach to bodybuilding. Now, the big bald Canadian is tackling powerlifting. This should be interesting!