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New Arm Size, Right Now!

How does an advanced lifter build bigger arms? Is it even possible? It is. If you're an experienced lifter who hasn't seen arm growth in ages, here's what to do.

The Lost Art of Overhead Pressing

Build your shoulders and damn near everything else with these “forgotten” exercises. Here’s how.

Explosive Neural Drive

Power up your posterior chain. These workouts will teach your body to tap into higher threshold motor units for explosive efforts.

Hamstrings Times Two

Building impressive hamstrings requires specialization and good training methodology. Here’s what you need to know.

Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss

Increase lactic acid to increase growth hormone and get shredded. One problem: It really hurts. Check out the program.

Advanced German Volume Training

One of the toughest muscle-building workouts of all time just got tougher. For experienced lifters only!

Manipulating Reps for Gains in Size and Strength

The smart lifter’s guide to choosing the right rep ranges for his goals. It’s a bit more complicated than you think. Check it out.

Arm Yourself!

Tried everything to get your arms to grow? No, no you haven’t. Check out these training methods.

The Five Elements

Fire, wood, earth, metal, water. What “type” are you when it comes to natural strength and the ability to build muscle? Find out here.

Question of Strength 33

I've often heard that athletes should perform their lifts standing up when appropriate. For example, they should always stand when performing overhead presses for shoulders.

Poetry in Motion 6

Think of bodybuilding as a language, and think of the exercises we do in the gym as words in that language.

Question of Strength 32

What type of diet would you recommend while using your 1-6-1 training program? In general, what would you suggest for anyone whose primary goal is to build strength?

Back to Basics

Want more upper-body strength and size? Then you gotta do pull-ups and chin-ups. Here’s why, plus how to get better.

Question of Strength 31

I was slumming the other day at a bodybuilding newsgroup, and there was a hot discussion about the validity of ZMA for athletes and bodybuilders.

Question of Strength 30

When performing power cleans and deadlifts, some people pause at the bottom and take a few breaths between reps, while others hardly let the weight touch the ground – in fact, they may bounce the load off the floor to help them lift it again. Are the latter just using poor form, or is this another variation of the movements?

The Truth About Bodybuilding Arm Measurements

If you want to know the true size of your arms, measure them correctly. Here's your guide.

Question of Strength 29

Given the fact that it doesn't train the stabilizers, should I ever slide my handsome ass into a pec-deck machine?

The Top Seven Upper Back Exercises

The absolute best exercises for your back. Are you using them? Check out this list.

Question of Strength 28

I have good levels of strength, but because I'm in chiropractic college, I'm rather limited in the amount of time that I can train. I would like to gain a few pounds over the school year, and I don't want do any of those wussy Stuart McRobert routines where my arms will shrink to what you refer to as the "eleventeen-inch" mark. Any suggestions for a a routine?

Preparing for the Ultimate Workout

Most trainees have the habit of waking up, shoveling down some Fruit Loops, and heading off to the gym before they've truly awakened. In other words, given the amount of prep work they've put into that particular workout, they might as well have left their Fozzie Bear jammies on and stayed in bed.

Question of Strength 27

What are your thoughts on the frequency of squatting? I've seen lifters squat as infrequently as once every ten days, while national team weightlifters squat as often as nine times a week.

Question of Strength 26

I've scoured through tons of bodybuilding mags trying to find a different chest movement - something that's not the usual dumbbell or barbell press. Is there any such animal?

Question of Strength 25

Let's say that I wanted to devise an extended program based solely on your training principles: GVT, GBC, the 1-6 Principle, and Maximal Weights. Yeah, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. How would you recommend scheduling these different phases?

Question of Strength 24

Football season is coming up. I'm still a few pounds underweight and need to gain weight fast. Any tricks that can put me in an anabolic state faster?

Question of Strength 23

There's an epidemic at my gym. Everyone and their mother seems to be doing all of their exercises on a Swiss ball.