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5 Old School Methods for New Muscle

Big is good, but big and proportioned is better. Here's how to grow while keeping your physique's fine lines in check.

The Return of Aerobic Work

Steady state aerobic exercise makes you slow, fat, and weak. Or is that belief just holding you back? Check out this info.

11 Training Tips for the Skinny Fat Ectomorph

Skinny fat: it's the perfect storm of piss-poor male physical characteristics. Here's what to do if you were dealt this bum hand.

One Shrug to Rule Them All

A beastly set of traps is a sign of a serious lifter, but too much shrugging can cause postural problems down the line. Is there a perfect trap exercise that builds a serious yoke, without the drawbacks? Check this out.

The Snatch Grip Deadlift

It's a fact: the exercises that make you hate life the most also tend to deliver the best results. If you're in serious need of a hamstring overhaul, then this article is a great (although painful) place to start.

12 Tips to Tune the Nervous System

The nervous system is powerful and mysterious – but it ain't the damn Force, Luke. Here are some easy, practical, physique-friendly tips for getting charged up or chilled out.

Texas Hold 'em Autoregulation

Whether at the casino or the squat rack, knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em can save your keister. Here's how to figure out when you need to pull back before you gamble your gains away.

Dumbbell Floor Presses for Strength, Size, and Health

Master this exercise and you’ll build some new muscle and maybe even fix your nagging shoulder pain.

Straightforward Knee Rehab

Finally, a knee rehab article that makes you say, "Yeah, that sounds like something I want to try!"