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Chains for Speed, Strength, and Power

You've read about them for years, but isn't it time you stopped making excuses and adopted this incredible training tool?

16 Weeks to a New Deadlift PR

The first man to pull 1,000 lbs. shows you how to set a new deadlift PR in 16 weeks.

Squatting The Right Way

The king of deadlifting shows how to perform the king of exercises.

How to Break Bench Records

World-renowned powerlifter Andy Bolton describes how he overcame a "weak" bench and set the new British record.

Grip Training for the Deadlift

Andy Bolton, he of the 1008-pound deadlift, reveals how he built up his grip for the deadlifting task at hand.

How to Pull 1,008 Pounds and Make it Look Easy

Andy Bolton has pulled 1008 pounds in competition. Maybe you should pay attention when he talks about how to deadlift.