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Build bigger triceps and make your elbows happier. Here's how.

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These Fats Treat Depression

When things get bad, depression is a normal response, but if it persists you might need to do something about it. Here's a possible solution.

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Get a brutal pump and increase athleticism without the back irritation. Here are six lifts you've got to try.

Tip: Does Megadosing Vitamin C Work?

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Oh, Go Ahead and Pig Out

It isn't as damaging as you might believe and, wonder of wonders, you might actually enjoy life for a few moments!

Tip: Planks Suck, But Not This Variation

If you can do this one right for 30 seconds, you're the man. Or the woman. Whatever. Take a look.

5 Lat Exercises Everyone Is Doing Wrong

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Tip: The Truth About Polyphasic Sleep

Here's what that means and what science has to say about it.

The Bench Press: One Barbell, No Weak Points

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Tip: Two Exercises for Rock-Solid Obliques

Bonus: You can do them anywhere with one cheap piece of equipment.

Tip: A Band-Built Butt is a Superior Butt

This banded exercise actually builds rounder glutes and thicker hamstrings than hip thrusts or kettlebell swings.

Prevent Muscle Loss: The Definitive Guide

Can't go to the gym right now? Here are eight nutritional strategies to help you keep your hard-earned muscle.

Tip: The Cronus Squat

Ditch the power rack and try this functional, full-body squat instead.

Stuff We Like – Food & Snacks 7

Go ahead, eat up. Just choose wisely. Here's some of our favorite goodies.

Tip: One Exercise for Bigger Shoulders & Pecs

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Question of Strength 62

When to switch up your training, how keto affects muscle growth, and why your chest stopped growing even though you can bench a ton.

Tip: A Core Exercise to Make You Cry

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