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Your neurological type tells you precisely what workout program is best for you. Here's how Type 2 should train for gains.

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The Best Core Exercise. Period.

This exercise makes you suck air, improves upper body strength, eases back pain, and builds a concrete core.

  • Abs
  • 5 Grip & Forearm Exercises That Actually Work

    Build a crushing grip and add a new slab of muscle to your forearms. Here are 5 exercises you've never seen before to help you do it.

    Stop Taking Multivitamins!

    Multivitamins don't work. But there are 19 things that do help you live longer, look better, and perform optimally. Here they are.

    6 Best Exercises for Strength

    You probably don't need dozens of movements to develop strength and size - you just need the six very best ones. This is all killer, no filler!

    Tip: Do Pull-Ups Without Elbow Pain

    For pull-ups, use a grip that'll allow your wrists to rotate naturally. Here's why.

    The Flat Butt Fix

    Want stronger, rounder, sexier glutes? Then give them their own day in the gym. Here's how to get it done.

    Tip: Do Band Pull-Aparts

    Here are three ways to do this exercise that'll build your back, make your shoulders feel good, and even boost your bench press.

    Tip: Do the Gironda Perfect Curl

    This classic exercise is tough, but it'll build your biceps much better than standard curls. Here's how to do it.

    Real Women Do Pull-Ups

    All females are capable of doing pull-ups. They just need to master a few smart progression methods and sack up. Here's how.

    How to Keep Muscle During a Layoff

    Whether you're taking a planned break from training or you're struck by sickness or injury, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent muscle loss.

    Olympic Lifting Won't Make You Look Jacked

    Klokov is jacked, but you won't be if you train like him. Why working out to look like an elite Olympic lifter might be working against you.

    The 3 Essential Workout Methods for Muscle

    There are three training mechanisms that contribute to building muscle. You need to use all of them to grow. Here's how.

    5 Insane Biceps and Triceps Workouts

    Do one of these extremely high-volume finishers every fourth day and you won't need to do any additional biceps or triceps training. Get the workouts here.

    More Muscle in 10 Minutes A Day

    With just a kettlebell and a home pull-up bar you can easily increase your training frequency and pack on some new muscle. Here’s how.

    Escalating Density Training: Revisited

    With EDT, sets and reps don't matter. Just pick two exercises, set your stopwatch, and get to work. Check it out.

    8/6/3 For Size and Strength

    This coach dared to mess around with Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and tweak it for his athletes. Here’s what happened.

    Rear Delt Destroyer Sets

    If your rear delts suck, then your entire upper body looks weak. Here's how to fix them.

    Step-Up For Muscular Development

    Want to learn how to build mighty legs without squats? Then it's about time you step-up!

    Bodybuilding's Original Superhero: Chuck Sipes

    Old school bodybuilders were as strong as they were big. None was more impressive than Chuck Sipes.

    Nonlinear Periodization for Size and Strength

    Manipulate your training to accommodate for how you feel on a given day. If strict programming has been holding you back, do this instead.

    Sandbags For Strength

    Forget the fancy training tools. This dirty sucker is as basic and effective as they come.

    Back-Friendly Leg Training

    Leg training should push you to your physical limits without crushing your back. Here's the smart way to make it happen.

    11 Myths of Warrior Training

    Martin Rooney wants to change how you think about MMA training. Check out his insights here.