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Frequent and Furious

How to get strong fast with frequent workouts!

Exercises You've Never Tried 6

Variety in training, used wisely, is one of the factors that keeps the gains coming. Try these odd but effective exercises to mix things up.

Steroid Manifesto - Part 2

What Your Doctor, Your Friends, Your Mamma, and Maybe Even You Don't Know About Steroids

Ditch the Holiday Leftovers

I've been riddled with guilt. I threw out a batch of mom's Christmas cookies today. Her fudge went too soft – as did my wife's cornbread-sausage stuffing, the candied yams, and the bowls of lovingly prepared homemade munchies that have been sitting around my house.

Power Broker

An Interview with Christian Thibaudeau

Exercises You've Never Tried 4

Shake up your training with these untraditional exercises that build muscle and strength. Check ‘em out.

The Supercharger

A closer look at the supplement that can improve your mind, your muscles, and even your sex life!

Ab Training for Athletes and Babe Hounds

Become a better athlete by training your abs like this. Side effect: You’ll also look awesome. Check it out.

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  • Dr. Health Nut

    An Interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Radical Methods for Increasing Strength

    "What are some of the most radical and perhaps bizarre methods you have ever heard of for increasing strength?"

    The Carbohydrate Roundtable - Part 1

    It's been nearly two years since Lonnie Lowery and I teamed up to get our macronutrient roundtable on. First, we invited Cy Willson to share in an interesting protein discussion.

    Regurgitate your Lunch

    This is when the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention" comes into play.

    The Microcurrent Revolution

    Another piece of the bodybuilding puzzle?

    Refresher Course 2

    Five Ways to Get Unstuck and Turn Back on the Gains!

    Power Hungry

    A Conversation with Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia

    Something's Fishy - Part 2

    Across-the-board condemnation of dietary fat is like branding all drugs as bad... or all people of a particular ethnic background as undesirable. I suppose we could call the media hype against fat "nutritional racism."

    Something's Fishy - Part 1

    "The aim of the legal action is to force the fast-food industry to "offer a larger variety to the consumers, including non-meat vegetarian, less grams of fat, and a reduction of size of their meals."

    The Staley Principles

    An Interview with Charles Staley

    Awesome Abs – Stage 4

    12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals

    The Thailand Trilogy - Part 1

    Descent into Bangkok

    Are You Getting Rusty?

    Ever notice rust on your hands after working out?

    GH: The Untold Story

    How to lose fat and gain muscle with low doses of growth hormone

    Awesome Abs – Stage 3

    12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals

    Specialization Periodization

    How to Gain (or Lose) Muscle