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This exercise makes you suck air, improves upper body strength, eases back pain, and builds a concrete core.
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    The Single Worst Exercise

    Do you use any of these silly, injurious, worthless exercises? Read this before your next workout.

    The Simple Carb Cycling Diet

    Traditional carb cycling requires a calculator, a food scale, and an advanced degree in mathematics. There's a much simpler way. Here's how.

    Tip: Follow the Two-Day Rule

    This easy to follow guideline will maximize your recovery and insure that every workout leads to gains.

    Tip: Do the Floor Press

    Here's why you should sometimes bench press without a bench.

    How to Build Your Own Training Program

    Train on your own terms! You should know how to write your own training programs without depending on anyone else. Here's how to do it.

    Build Your Backside, Destroy the Competition

    If you're like most lifters, your glutes, hams, and lower back are lagging. Bring 'em up to perform better, get faster, be stronger, and look hotter.

    Traps Are the New Abs

    Every skinny, weak guy has abs. Big deal. Traps are the true sign of strength. Here's how to make yours huge.

    4 Anabolic Metcon Workouts

    Some lifters avoid conditioning work because they're afraid of losing muscle... and their athleticism and waistlines suffer. Here's the fix.

    5 New Strategies for Fat Loss

    Here are five training and diet tips to help you lose the fat, keep the muscle, and make some jaws drop.

    Back Squats Vs. Box Squats

    The box squat doesn't get all that much respect, but in this match-up, it's the Rocky Balboa of the squat world.

    Superhuman Planks

    If you can do anything other than focus on not blacking out while performing a plank, you're doing it wrong.

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  • How to Build Size and Strength Simultaneously

    Building strength and size at the same time isn't crazy; in fact, it's smart. Here's a smart, easy-to-follow workout that will make it happen.

    Mountain Dog Training for Intermediates

    John Meadows’ style of training is typically used by only very advanced lifters. Here’s how to make it work for you if you’re a mere mortal.

    Breaking Down the Single Leg Squat

    Can you really build muscle and strength with one-legged squats? You bet you can. Here’s how.

    Max Out on Squats Every Day

    A closer look at the Broz Olympic Method. Check it out.

    Lighter Weights, Bigger Legs

    A veteran bodybuilding coach shows you how to lighten up your leg training and get your best results ever.

    Nutrition Quest 4

    In this column, Dr. Roussell answers your questions about fat burners and glucomannan.

    Question of Strength 42

    Q & A with one of the world's premier strength coaches.

    Complexes for Fat Loss

    Complexes are a challenging and effective way to burn fat quickly. Bonus: They’re not boring like running on a treadmill. Here’s how to do them.

    Core Training for Smart Folks

    Improve performance, reduce risk of injury, and look better with your shirt off. Here's how.

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  • The Carb Cycling Codex

    Cutting body fat doesn't have to mean cutting out the carbs. Get shredded with this carb cycling approach and hang on to more muscle in the process.

    Tip: Everyday Lateral Raises

    Yes, trained correctly, you can do these shoulder wideners daily. Here's how.

    Tip: Not Probiotics, Not Prebiotics, but Postbiotics

    Everything we know about nutrition, metabolism, and immunity is about to be turned on its head.