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Target your hips and hams with this type of squat. It'll help you get out of the hole when you squat without a box.

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Tip: This Nutrient Does It All

Science shows that this multi-talented compound makes you leaner, increases endurance, and builds muscle. Check it out.


Tip: The Sled Power Walk

Build and strengthen your entire posterior chain. Do this twice per week, 5 trips of 40 yards, bodyweight or close to it on the sled.

Tip: The Meal That Damages Metabolism

A new study shows why we may want to have more meals earlier in the day and cut them off long before bed. Here's the new science.


Tip: The Cable Pullover Lat Finisher

After your big lifts, finish off your lats and get a good stretch with this exercise.


Tip: The Rhomboid Pulldown

Rhomboids are a weak link for many lifters. Target them like this. Use a close grip attachment and pull down to the sternum. Flare the elbows out at a 90-degree angle.

Tip: A Better Way to Jump Squat

It's a common plyometric exercise with athletes, but there's a better, safer way to do it. Check it out.

Build Your Abs With a Barbell

Eight challenging ways to build your abs and boost core strength. All you need is a barbell and a high pain tolerance.

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  • Tip: The Most Injury-Causing Barbell Sport

    If you love this sport, here's how to minimize the risks.


    Tip: The Dumbbell Hip Thrust

    Most people do hip thrusts for glute strength, but they can also be used as a high-rep finisher. Bonus: It's a quick setup with a dumbbell.


    Tip: The Touch-and-Go Deadlift

    Love deadlifts? Add this variation to your training. Here's how to do it and the benefits.

    Tip: Train at a Higher Level With Tactical Breathing

    Known as box breathing in military circles, this technique can also be used by lifters to improve performance. Check it out.


    Tip: The Barbell Rollout Press-Out

    As if ab rollouts weren't hard enough, here's how to ramp up the intensity and effectiveness one more notch.


    Tip: The Inverted Pull-Up

    Add this versatile back exercise to your program. Alter the grip, the angle, or adjust your feet to make it easier or harder.

    Tip: Don't Max Out Unless You're a Powerlifter

    The one-rep max is a great way to brag about how much you can lift. It's also unnecessary for most lifters. Here's why.

    Tip: The Exercise Most People Screw Up

    Even many so-called experts teach it incorrectly. Let's set things straight.


    Tip: Dead-Stop Trap Bar Press

    The neutral handle angle makes the trap bar perfect for pressing. Try it dead-stop style: reset every rep from the pins.

    Tip: A Better Way to Military Press

    It's safer on the shoulders and it'll build bigger delts than traditional overhead pressing. Take a look.

    Tip: A Crazy New Way to Bench Press

    Build a better chest, protect your shoulders, and boost your regular bench press with this unique exercise.

    Tip: Your Fitness Tracker Sucks

    Is your smart watch or fitness band giving you accurate information? Here's the latest science.


    Tip: The Leg Press for Quad Sweep

    Keep your feet low, heels closer together and toes pointed out to really hit the vastus lateralis.

    Tip: Improve Shoulder Health With This Move

    Improve your posture and your big overhead lifts with this mobility drill. Check it out.

    Tip: Burn Fat Faster Than Ever Before

    This type of exercise trains your body fat to break down by altering gene expression.


    Tip: TRX Fallouts

    For this anti-extension core exercise, set up in a slight forward lean. Fall forward with no back sag. Shift your weight onto your heels to return to the start.


    Tip: Try the Overhead Carry

    Farmer's walks are great. Now take that idea to the next level with this loaded carry variation.