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21st Century Core Training 1

Everything you need to know to develop a strong, powerful core.

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    Your Guide to Losing Fat While "On"

    A Simpleton's Guide to Charles Poliquin's Training Principles 1

    Sometimes, when I'm talking to Coach Poliquin about training methodologies, muscle fiber ratios, and all the assorted high-tech, laboratory aspects of weight training, my eyes start to glaze over-not because I'm bored or anything-but because he has lost me.

    Tip: Save the Cardio for Later

    Ready to lose fat? When are you planning to add cardio? Here's the mistake that most people make.

    Tip: 4 Exercises for an Extreme V-Taper

    Want cobra lats? Add these to your back workouts.

    Tip: 5 New Ways to Build Your Shoulders

    Want stronger delts? Add a few of these challenging variations to your upper-body day.

    The Best Damn No-Weights Workout

    Even an advanced lifter can get a damn good workout at home – without any special equipment. Here's how.

    Chill Out With This Non-Prescription Drug

    De-stress and take the edge off without feeling drugged. Here's something that will do just that.

    Tip: Monster Glutes, Meatier Hamstrings

    Build an athletic butt and strong hamstrings with these clever exercise variations.

    German Volume Training – The Real Story

    Lifters talk about GVT as a no-fail training plan for size. But is it? Not according to science. Here's what to do instead.

    The Best Damn Cortisol Article Ever

    It's been called the stress hormone, the belly fat hormone, and the thief of gains. But it doesn't have to be any of those. Here's how to control it.

    The 7 Most Important Lifts

    Quick, name the seven most effective exercises. Got it? Now see if your list matches ours.

    30 Minutes to Mass

    Yes, you do have time to train... if you'll make a plan, shut up, and stop socializing. Follow these guidelines and check out the sample programs.

    The Ultimate Shoulder Day

    Delts are hard to grow... if you don't train them right. Here's a workout that'll maximize your overhead press and maximize your gains.

    Muscle Up Top, Hustle Down Below

    Want a bodybuilder upper body and a linebacker lower body? Here's your program.

    Tip: How to Fill In Your Biceps Gap

    Even if you didn't inherit the best genetics for big arms, this superset will make a visual impact.


    Tip: Good Mornings

    This classic lift is great for posterior chain development for bodybuilders, and it'll help powerlifters boost their deadlift and squat PRs.

    The Most Effective Exercises for Muscle Mass

    Your goal is size. Do your exercises meet at least five of the six criteria here? If not, you're wasting time.

    How to Deadlift Over 700 Pounds

    Eager to pull big numbers? You're more likely to make mistakes that'll bring your max down. Here's what to do... and what not to do.

    The Very Best Bodyweight Exercises

    Nine butt-kicking bodyweight moves that lifters and athletes need, no matter how advanced they are.