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6 Skinny-Guy Mistakes

You lift hard but the gains just aren’t coming. Here's what's happening and how to finally pack on muscle.

10 Strength Training Tips

Are you just getting involved in powerlifting with hopes of setting a new record or two? Or are you just a regular guy looking to increase your bench press? Whichever, the ten tips below will put you on the path to strength!

Continuum Training 1

Understanding Various Strength Training Continuums for Optimal Conjugate Design

28 Synergistic Factors for Success

There's no such thing as isolation in training or in life. Everything you do, have done, and will do, affects everything else. Success is a synergistic – not additive – phenomenon.

40 Movements for Rapid Strength - Part 5

Dave Tate is the co-owner of Elite Fitness Systems and has been involved in the sport of powerlifting since 1982. A true testament to his skills rests in the 10,000 hours of personal training and strength consulting sessions he has performed with novice to elite athletes. Numerous clients have broken barriers they never thought possible through the use of maximal, dynamic and absolute strength development methods.

The Superior Circuit - Part 1

We have some good news for you. The New Year's resolution crowd, famous for clogging up the gym for the first two months of every year, is starting to dwindle. As they devolve back into their sedentary lifestyles, you have the opportunity to evolve your training program to reach even greater heights. In this series, we'll show you how!

The Sacked Back - Part 2

In this article I'll be focusing specifically on handling injuries to the lower back or lumbar region.

Abs on Trial

High intensity vs. volume training. Olympic lifting vs. powerlifting. High intensity cardio vs. low intensity cardio. The list of debates and disputes in this field goes on and on, and perhaps the most disputed area is abdominal training.

  • Abs
  • Shoulder the Load

    Since I've started writing for the T-Nation, I've gotten 100's of e-mails asking me varying questions about the rotator cuff and its many somewhat magical qualities. While it may not be as cool as big quads or a great set of guns, a well-developed rotator cuff is sexy in its own, injury-free kind of way.

    Top 10 Reader Tips

    Over the last couple of months, T-Nation has been asking its strength coaches and nutrition gurus to share their ten most powerful tips.

    Berardi's Top 10 Tips

    Dr. Berardi shares his best training, diet, and planning tips for serious lifters and athletes.

    It's Not About the Food – Part 2

    Ten ways to handle diet and nutrition when you’re on the road.

    10 Important Lessons

    Coach Staley provides his best tips that have made the greatest impact on how he thinks and trains. Check it out.

    10 Training Myths Exposed!

    Nothin' but the Truth!

    Ian King's Top 10 Lessons

    A while back we asked some of the world's top strength coaches and nutrition gurus to share their most powerful tips, but when Ian King tackled this assignment, he decided to go about it in a different way.

    Copland Training - Part 1

    The author of the following article is a cop, a twenty year vet in an urban city's police department.

    Diary of a Steroid User 3

    A regular guy uses steroids and chronicles his experiences. Controversy ensues.

    Get Your Butt In Gear! 2

    Strong glutes make strong lifters... and sexy ones too. Here's how to get yours in gear.

    Rubber Vs. Iron

    Band training for accommodating resistance, variable resistance, and max acceleration.

    Beans and Nuts

    The best beans and nuts to eat, plus why you shouldn’t worry about so-called anti-nutrients.

    Reps You've Never Tried

    Break Out of the Rep Range Rut!

    My, That's A Nice Snatch You Have... 2

    In this final installment, I'll cover some of the variations in more detail and I'll also be providing a training cycle that features the snatch as an "anchor" movement.

    Meet Lonnie Lowery

    An Interview with the Warrior Nerd, Lonnie Lowery, PhD

    My, That's A Nice Snatch You Have... 1

    In the first installment of this article, I discussed the various benefits of the snatch and I also hinted at the large number of possible snatch variations.