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After hooking himself up to a bunch of electrodes, the author discovers the best exercises for building a rock-solid midsection.
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    Ten Killer Splits

    Progress stalled? Then you might need a new training split. Here are ten effective ways to organize your training week.

    How Tall Guys Get Jacked

    The rules of size training change a bit for tall lifters. Check out these lifting guidelines for lanky guys.

    The Eight Best Muscle-Building Exercises

    Got lagging muscles? Build your calves, abs, quads, hams, traps, and chest. We'll show you how.

    So You Think You Know Strong

    Are you strong? Like really strong? Find out here.

    Dairy Dilemma

    So why an article on dairy? Because the controversy it elicits gets people hotter than Louis Pasteur's Bunsen burners, that's why. In fact, raging debates have broken out many times over the years here among the T-faithful. Just recently TC had to break out the rubber bullets to keep an angry mob of anti-dairy zealots from tearing down the place.

    The Rebirth of HIT

    Classic muscle and bodybuilding lessons from Dr. Ellington Darden. Get 'em here.

    My, That's A Nice Snatch You Have... 1

    In the first installment of this article, I discussed the various benefits of the snatch and I also hinted at the large number of possible snatch variations.

    The Beast Evolves

    Coach Thibaudeau has always been strong. Here's how he got ripped. Get his 14 week plan here.

    The Power Look

    How to build powerful traps that perform as good as they look.

    Hypertrophy-Specific Training

    An Overview and Sample Program

    Steroids for Dummies

    Everything you ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask.

    The Truth About Bodybuilding Arm Measurements

    If you want to know the true size of your arms, measure them correctly. Here's your guide.

    Tip: The Cardiac Output Method

    Improve your resting heart rate, recover faster, and live longer. It's incredibly easy to do, but most lifters avoid it.

    The Next Best Thing to Testosterone Injections

    This powerful combo of herbs coaxes your testicles into pumping out more T so you're stronger, more muscular, and have better erections.

    Tip: Monster Glutes, Meatier Hamstrings

    Build an athletic butt and strong hamstrings with these clever exercise variations.

    Question of Strength 60

    What are the best strength and muscle-building methods? And can resistance bands ever replace weights? Coach Thibaudeau answers.

    Tip: Do SST for a Mind-Blowing Pump

    Scientists find that a particular style of training can immediately stretch out the seams of your T Nation shirt. Info here.

    Build a Monster Squat

    Wanna squat more weight? Your weakest links must get stronger. Here's how to find and fix them.

    German Volume Training – The Real Story

    Lifters talk about GVT as a no-fail training plan for size. But is it? Not according to science. Here's what to do instead.

    The Best Damn Cortisol Article Ever

    It's been called the stress hormone, the belly fat hormone, and the thief of gains. But it doesn't have to be any of those. Here's how to control it.

    Tip: You've Gotta Try This New Leg Exercise

    Unlike conventional hack squats, this landmine version allows you to find the perfect groove for your joints. Check it out.

    Tip: The Barbell Curl That'll Make You Puke

    Think you know how to do barbell curls? Think again. You probably don't.

    Tip: 6 Quick Tips for Complete Pec Development

    It takes more than barbell benching to build an impressive chest. Try these tips and tricks.