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21st Century Core Training 1

Everything you need to know to develop a strong, powerful core.

  • Abs
  • Out of Kilter - Part 1

    How to Identify and Correct Imbalances

    Mister Spine - Part 2

    An interview with Stuart McGill, Part 2

    Mister Spine - Part 1

    An interview with Stuart McGill

    The Cardio Roundtable - Part 1

    Featuring Charles Staley, Christian Thibaudeau, Lonnie Lowery, PhD and Don Alessi

    Under the Big Iron

    An interview with champion powerlifter Mike Miller

    Diversity for Hypertrophy

    Extreme Diversity for Extreme Muscle Growth!

    Meltdown Training 3

    Here’s a finishing program designed to give you that finely honed, chiseled look. Check it out.

    Diamonds in the Rough

    It's a very common problem; almost an epidemic, you could say. This may not be comforting, and it may be something you've heard before, but, "it happens to a lot of guys."

    Docs on Gear

    We interview several doctors who use steroids recreationally. Surprised? You really shouldn’t be. Check out the eye-opening interview.

    Canadian Cannons

    Build Bulging Biceps the Quebec Way!

    Steroids for Health, 2003

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (on-line issue #18 to be precise), T-mag ran an article called "Steroids for Health." The idea behind the article was sound and quite revolutionary at the time: steroids, when used safely and sanely, will not adversely affect your health; in fact, they may even be healthy.

    Power Broker

    An Interview with Christian Thibaudeau

    The Volume of Strength Program

    4 Weeks To a New Personal Best!

    4 Weightlifting Myths Dispelled

    I'm here to tackle four of the most common myths you probably hear spouted as fact by some meathead at least once a week in the gym.

    The Microcurrent Revolution

    Another piece of the bodybuilding puzzle?

    Power Hungry

    A Conversation with Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia

    The Road to 600

    This isn't your typical training article. Instead, it's more of a glimpse into what it really takes to achieve a specific goal - in this case a 600 pound bench press. Still, you're sure to pick up a few training tips along the way.

    The Thailand Trilogy - Part 2

    Sex, Sand, and Rock & Roll

    The Thailand Trilogy - Part 1

    Descent into Bangkok

    More Can Be Better!

    Why you should train each muscle group more than once a week

    Bonehead Nutrition

    The five most common nutrition mistakes made by lifters and wannabe bodybuilders.

    The Big Woof

    In this installment, Westside Barbell guru Dave Tate digs deep to answer the question, "Why do we put ourselves through this?"

    Awesome Abs – Stage 2

    12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals