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Trap bars are great for deadlifts and shrugs, but there are plenty of awesome, lesser-known exercises that you can use it for. Check these out.

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Superhuman Planks

If you can do anything other than focus on not blacking out while performing a plank, you're doing it wrong.

  • Abs
  • Upper/Lower Circuit Training

    Drop tubs of lard off your waistline while maintaining or even gaining lean mass with weight training circuits.

    The 5/2 Fat-Loss Diet for Lifters

    Eat normally five days a week and eat a reduced-calorie diet on two non-consecutive days. What could be easier?

    Strengthen Your "Secret" Deadlift Muscles

    Pulling big weights requires getting strong in a lot of supporting muscles, starting with the upper and mid back.

    Contrast Training For Power and Explosiveness

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    Kettlebells for Size and Strength

    Double kettlebell training for front squat, military press, and clean and snatch.

    Grow, Ectomorph, Grow

    Naturally skinny? Here's how to finally gain some shirt-stretching muscle.

    All About Dips

    Are you doing any dips variations? You should be. Here are some interesting options, including straight bar dips and Korean dips, to jazz up your training.

    7 Operational Principles For Masters Lifters

    Don't let age limit your training. Here's how to gain strength and get your head right.

    12 Weeks to Ridiculous Wheels

    A squat-based training plan guaranteed to make your legs not only bigger but stronger too.

    The Biggest Exercise in Bodybuilding

    Can you do 12 reps of clean and press with a pair of 75-pound dumbbells? It's been a test of strength since the 1930s.

    12 Programs to Follow

    Twelve time-tested routines for size and strength. Pick one and get to work.

    The Simple Diet

    Getting lean is simple, just not easy. Here are some uncomplicated rules to follow about food, cheat meals, and more.

    21 Exercises For Injury Free Mass

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    A 6-Week Squat, Bench, or Deadlift Program

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    Eat Like a Warrior King

    Enter the No-Tofu Zone! Real nutrition advice for iron athletes.

    Iron Core: How to Build a Punch-Proof Body

    Sculpt a core of steel the MMA way!

    Build Your Own Sled

    Think pulling a sled is child's play? Get off that motorized hamster wheel and start getting leaner, stronger, and healthier.

    When it Comes to Squats, Easier Doesn't Work

    There are easier, more fun ways to squat than below parallel. Trouble is, they don't work.

    The Truth about Training Frequency

    How often should you train for maximal results? It depends on a few things, and this article breaks them down for you.