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T Nation talks to Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay in this insightful interview. Check it out.

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Shoulder Shocker

Powerful delts are essential for athletes, but the shoulder joint is prone to injury. Increase the health of your shoulders to increase the size of your delts.

21st Century Core Training

A chiseled midsection. A strong, functional core. Who says you can't train for both? Here’s how to do it.

  • Abs
  • The Secret of Loaded Carries

    Add this to your workouts and you'll be bigger, leaner, and stronger. No BS, just results. Here are several ways to do it.

    Proper Back Position for Power

    One simple adjustment in your lower back position could allow you to start smashing personal records immediately.

    You Are What You Absorb

    Simple ways to improve your digestion and subsequently, your overall health and well being.

    The Four Types of Movements

    Simple adjustments to both your style and speed of training can take you closer to your goals, whether you're an MMA fighter or a powerlifter.

    The Ultimate Cardio Solution: Disclosed

    The fastest fat loss possible. The most muscle retention possible. Let's do it.

    Get More Nerve!

    There's one ridiculously simple way to guarantee muscle growth. Are you open-minded enough to try it?

    Iron Evolution – Phase 1

    To get strong, listen to a strong guy’s advice. Here’s what you can learn from Dave Tate’s early experiences under the bar.

    Squat Like You Mean It

    If you ain't squatting deep, you're just taking up space in our power rack. Here's what you need to get low.

    Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

    Think carb cycling is too damn complicated for real men to follow? Coach Henriques' plan is as simple as it is effective.

    Seven Metabolic Finishers to Burn Fat

    Burn body fat, improve conditioning, and make each workout an ass kicking success. Here’s how.

    The Top 10 Unilateral Exercises

    Double your muscle building by working one limb at a time? What'chu talkin' 'bout, Wilis?

    Wasabi Glucosinolates

    You've probably never eaten wasabi, even if you think you have. That's too bad, because the real stuff might extend your life. Here’s how.

    Mountain Dog Arms

    Want bigger arms? There are four keys things to remember when it comes to training them. Check ‘em out here.

    Nutsack-Rated Nutrition 2

    A deeper look at the great hormones-in-milk scare and much more.

    DeFranco Prowler Training

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger... and faster, and bigger, and a hell of a lot tougher. Here’s how to use a pushing sled to get it all.

    Creatine for Athletes

    New research shows that creatine helps with concussions, temperature regulation, and recovery. Check it out.

    World's Simplest Training Template

    Most lifters try to progress in strength, hypertrophy, stretching, and conditioning at the same time. Huge mistake! Here's a better way to, well, get better.

    The Return of German Volume Training

    GVT works, if you can handle it. Here are the pros and cons.

    Curcumin: The Next Big Superfood

    What can help you lose fat, fight off catabolism, smack down pesticides and make chicken taste great? Answer: India's golden superfood.

    Five Exercises You Should Stop Doing... Forever!

    Five popular exercises that may be doing you more harm than good. Check out the list.

    Fish Oil: Gender Matters

    Research suggests males and females respond differently to DHA and EPA supplementation. Details here.

    12 Weeks to a Better Deadlift

    To many in the iron world, how much you can deadlift is the ultimate status symbol. Here's a solid three-month plan to get you on the road to deadlifting respect.