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We're more committed than ever to helping you achieve the very best gains possible from your Indigo-3G experience, and this section of the site is devoted to following through on that commitment. Everything you need to know about using Indigo-3G should be either on the Indigo-3G Information Page or the Product Label. So, if you haven't thoroughly read both of these, you really need to do it now.

Afterward, if you still want to ask one of our coaches about dosing, training, and diet, please keep in mind that the more they know about the specifics of your particular case, the better they'll be able to customize their recommendations and suggestions. Also very important, we want to get your feedback and encourage you to start a Log and begin interacting with our coaches and other Indigo-3G users. Again, that's what this section is for. So post often and don't hold out on us by not including your success story and photos. We want photos!