Blood & Chalk Vol. 7: Jim Wendler Talks Big Weights


T NATION: Lately I am absolutely dominating the rack pull. I started doing them after my conventional deadlifts (which I perform 5/3/1 style) and the weight I can handle has been skyrocketing. The thing is, my conventional dead seems to have stalled. What gives?


TN: I always get a kick out of reading about Dave Tate's laundry list of injuries. The fact that he can be so beat up and still kick so much ass is inspiring. Lately, I've been dealing with a shoulder impingement and a lower back that gives out about once every four weeks. What advice do you have regarding training around injuries?


TN: Jim, when going for an all-time record, should I have perfect form? Does it make a difference if I'm going for an actual 1RM or a 5RM?


TN: Jim, some days I freaking hate training. I hate talking about it, thinking about it, and more than anything I hate arguing about it. Can you relate?



Dude, I know you're twice the size of me, but if you call that training you must squat to pee.

Lift for Crom!

Crush your limitations! Lift like Conan! Lift for Crom!

Injury = Pussy

If this guy misses more than a day of lifting he's a major pussy.

Full Dead

Rack pulls are a great way to drive up your deadlift poundages, in theory at least.


You don't have to be 100% healthy to push the Prowler.

Metallica or Dark Throne?

Do you side with Metallica or are you Darkthrone?

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