Building the Efficient Athlete DVD Series

On July 22-23, 2006, 30 trainers, coaches, and athletes assembled in New York City for two days of professional and athletic development unlike any they'd ever had before. From functional anatomy, to static and dynamic assessments, to corrective exercise programming, and troubleshooting common exercise technique, these two days had it all - everything you need to build an efficient athlete. Here's your chance to "catch up" to these lucky 30 people; these two days are now available as an 8-DVD set with accompanying manual.

DVD #1 - Introduction
DVD #2 - Functional Anatomy
DVD #3 - The Static Assessment
DVD #4 - The Dynamic Assessment
DVD #5 - The Art of Hardcore Correction
DVD #6 - Exercise Discussion #1
DVD #7 - Exercise Discussion #2
DVD #8 - Critiquing the Neanderthal No More Series

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