The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results

...harder, briefer, more infrequent... exercise."

— Arthur Jones
Inventor of Nautilus and MedX Equipment

The above insight of Arthur Jones, which is on the back cover The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results, sets the tone for my illustrated manual... which, I'm happy to say, is available NOW.

Casey Viator, with his 19-inch upper arms and 15-inch forearms, projects mass, symmetry, and muscularity. In Chapter 12, Casey talks about the routines that worked, and didn't work, for him.

Let me tell you a little about this book. I took the front-cover shot of Casey Viator at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in 1978. Casey, under the mentoring of Arthur Jones, was the youngest to ever win the Mr. America contest.

I trained and traveled with Jones and Viator for more than a decade. Much of this book is based on those experiences — which include a surprising number of adventures involving champion athletes — as well as 32 eye-opening, carefully crafted, bodybuilding routines.

I've taken the lost techniques used by many Golden-Age Mr. Americas and combined those concepts with today's science. The outcome is The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results.

Even if, for some reason, you don't believe in High Intensity Training, I guarantee this book will fascinate you. You see, maybe you truly love bodybuilding, but if you don't know a thing about its history — about a single thing that happened before Arnold Schwarzenegger — you're doing your sport a disservice. This book is filled with fascinating insights as to where this sport came from and why you train the way you do.

Beyond that, old-school conditioning targets proportionate muscular development, which includes a well-defined, compact waist. I certainly don't like nor want that bloated, drug-induced look of a modern pro bodybuilder. (Does anybody?) When I began exercising in the early 1960s, well-built men were NOT controlled by steroids.

Not only that, but men of the old school passed down their muscle-building strategies and techniques from athlete to athlete, older to younger. There was a great deal of coaching that took place in the gym, along with hard work, common sense, and simplicity — things that are sorely lacking today.

It's a tragedy that anything "old" is now considered outdated; considered inferior to the routine that was conjured up by some steroidal giant in order to make a magazine deadline. Trust me, old is not outdated when it comes to the type of training I'm writing about.

Make no mistake — bodybuilders of the old school contributed some giant shadows to the Iron Game.


Big muscles can be developed efficiently through intense, brief exercise. Intense, brief exercise works — only, and this is important, if you have the balls to train in this manner.

If you do have the balls, you're probably already applying intensity to your workouts. If so, this book will supply you with the confidence and knowledge to improve greatly upon your existing results.

Almost anyone can make it through 3 sets of 12 exercises in 2 hours and call it a workout. But the real renegade is in and out of the gym after 25 minutes of heart-pounding, testosterone-stimulating, muscle-burning INTENSITY.

I guess it doesn't surprise me that hard exercise isn't mainstream nowadays.

As such, I have to warn you: This book is NOT for everyone. It's for the few tough, disciplined men — who want bigger muscles — faster.

Below are some highlights of this bad-boy manual.


• Gain from Casey Viator's experiences of building a Herculean physique. Discover his unique style of exercising and relaxing.

• Unravel the historical, basic, top-10 HIT concepts from bottom to top. Plus, there's an updated list of 50 salient training guidelines.

• Examine the latest outside-the-box techniques from innovative HIT thinkers.

• Investigate how MONEY turned muscle building into a huge bamboozle, which promoted more-is-better training.

• Incorporate three keys from motor learning into your strength training and bodybuilding, for automatic improvements.

• Meet Arthur Jones — as only a few people have seen him. Jones was behind Nautilus and MedX equipment and the father of high-intensity training. He personally trained Casey Viator for the 1970 Teenage Mr. America, 1970 Mr. USA, 1971 Jr. Mr. America, and 1971 Mr. America — all of which he won. Several chapters introduce you to Jones' WHYs and HOWs of bodybuilding. But beyond that, he was (and is) probably bodybuilding's most colorful character.

"The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results provides an important connection to a magical past and a bridge that will keep the ideas of Arthur Jones — a very smart, one-of-a-kind man — alive and vital in the future."

— Kim Wood,
Former NFL Strength Coach


• Employ this tried-and-proven collection of 16 whole-body routines. You probably won't like any of them, but who said you were supposed to embrace an exercise session? Each one — properly performed — is brutal, yet productive.

Review the super high-intensity workouts that Mike Mentzer performed prior to winning the 1978 IFBB Mr. Universe. Mentzer's way to maximum progress was — to exert every ounce of intensity from a few basic exercises. (Photo by Jon De Vaul)

• Apply my most requested routine — the Best of the Best. Using it, Eddie Mueller packed on 15 pounds of solid muscle in four weeks and added 4 inches on his chest and 4 inches on his thighs.

• Comprehend why split routines MAY or MAY NOT be right for you.

• Need something different? Try "Cadence Variation: 6 Ways to 60." Whether you're open to HIT or not, this is a method that transfers to virtually all training belief systems.

• Eavesdrop on Arthur Jones, in 1971, teaching Don Shula about strength training. Coach Shula promptly led the Miami Dolphins to the NFL's only undefeated season.

• Attention football players and coaches — How to be Big, Strong, and UNBEATABLE from the proper application of METABOLIC CONDITIONING. Anyone interested in sports will be awed by these practices.

• Marvel as Andy McCutcheon, a muscular HIT enthusiast from England, outlines how he was able to break the British record for pushups by doing 107 in 60 seconds. He then discusses his training with Dorian Yates. Finally, McCutcheon details how he applies 15 abdominal exercises over three training sessions to shred his midsection.


• Is it possible to develop biceps and triceps that are TOO BIG? I'm not sure, but don't send me a bill for shirts that no longer fit after you finish Boyer Coe's unvarnished arm cycle.

• Test the most productive calf cycle — EVER! You'll have trouble walking for an entire week. After that, you can see and feel your lower legs growing.

• Blast your deltoids with this PUMPED and W-I-D-E-R, two-week blitz, from one of the few men who actually had shoulders that measured 24 inches across.

• Build iron-vice grip strength with advice from old-school titan, John Wood.

• Rediscover the lost art of rib-cage development — right from the horse's mouth. I won a number of Best Chest awards in the early 1970s and you'll get my advice on how to stretch, breathe, and contract during the recommended exercises.

Jim Haislop (left) won the 1968 AAU Mr. America. The following year, I won the Mr. Texas and worked out with Jim in Tampa, Florida. In this photo, Jim weighed 218 pounds and I was 203 pounds.


"Ignore the past," Arthur Jones believes, "and you'll be doomed in the future to make the same mistakes — repeatedly." Instead, study the past and profit from it. The photo above was taken of Jones in 1968, during one of his African adventures.

• "I finally learned," Arthur Jones says, "that a proper workout with barbells had to be brief in the extreme — so brief that I was always tempted to increase the number of exercises or sets, since the workouts never appeared to contain enough; but when I did increase anything in the workouts, the production of results was always reduced, ALWAYS."

• "So far without single exception," Jones continues, "the advanced bodybuilders that I have trained or closely associated with seem to be unable to progress beyond a certain point if left up to their own devices — and if actually good results are produced, they must be constantly supervised in their training; if not, they quickly start backsliding.

• "Under the circumstances, I can reach only one logical conclusion; they either do not understand or will not accept the validity of the actual important points — and when permitted to supervise their own training, they quickly fall back into habits of overtraining insofar as the amount of training is concerned, and under-training in intensity of effort.

• "I have been shocked by the ignorance of a very high percentage of the bodybuilders I have met. Don't be disturbed by the term ignorance,it simply implies a lack of knowledge, and we all are ignorant on at least some subjects, and most of us on nearly all subjects.

• "Things," Jones concludes, "that I always assumed everybody knew, seem, in fact, to be totally new to most current bodybuilders — things that almost all bodybuilders did know, and understand, at one time, basic things, simple things, obvious things."


In one of my recent visits with Arthur Jones, he said: "Doing more exercise with less intensity has all but destroyed the actual great value of weight training. Something must be done — and quickly."

The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results provides MUCH of that "something."

The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results is the most factual and in-depth book I've ever written. It contains 112,000 words and 248 photos, which are spread over 312 pages. There are seven parts that divide into 34 chapters — and each chapter will help you get bigger and stronger faster.

The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results is exactly what serious bodybuilders NEED.

It's time to learn from the past and accelerate to the future.

The cost of the book is $39.99. Order today and experience renewed muscular growth.

Ellington Darden, Ph.D., was director of research for Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries for 20 years. He has written 47 fitness books, which have been printed in seven languages with worldwide distribution. Dr. Darden resides with his family in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Michelle Wells)

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