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The Jamie Eason Experience
An Interview with Fitness Bombshell, Jamie Eason

You've seen Jamie Eason grace our Powerful Images section many times. And you'd probably think that any writer assigned to interview her would be jumping up-and-down with excitement about the idea of getting to talk to such a gorgeous gal.

Well, you'd be wrong.

I've interviewed (and tried to interview) a lot of fitness models and figure competitors in the past. The excitement of getting to sit down with a real live magazine cover girl fades fast. These types of interviews are, well, challenging.

I don't want to propagate stereotypes here, but yeah, most of these women are vacuous. Beautiful, built like goddesses, and duller than a two-dollar Tijuana pocketknife. So I wasn't that excited about talking to Miss Eason.

Well, I should've been. Thirty seconds into our talk it became obvious that Jamie Eason wasn't a stereotype. With the body comes a brain — quite a refreshing experience! Here's how the interview went down. (Oh, and keep in mind that some of the pictures in this interview have never appeared anywhere!)

T-Nation: How did you get started in this whole fitness thing, Jamie? Were you always an athlete?

Jamie Eason:

T-Nation: A pro card after one show and only a short period of "real" training? Does that mean you're a genetic anomaly, a damn hard worker, or both?


T-Nation: Okay, down to business. What are your current stats?


T-Nation: What does your diet look like?


T-Nation: Sounds good. Let's talk training. Generally speaking, what does your weight training schedule look like? Any "rules" you follow when it comes to resistance training? Favorite exercises?


T-Nation: What about cardio?

T-Nation: Where do you see most women going wrong when they decide to get into shape? What mistakes do they make or what misconceptions do they have?


T-Nation: Wait a sec, according to many strength and conditioning professionals, lifting to failure isn't necessary and may even be counterproductive in the long run. Obviously it's working for you. Failure training seems to be one of those things that most of the experts advise against but is used anyway (with success) by bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Thoughts on that?

T-Nation: Now that we can all agree on! Do you use supplements? What role do they play in the big picture?


T-Nation: Good points. Let's talk about the other "supplements" most people won't mention. In the last few years, it seems that even fitness models and figure competitors are starting to use steroids and other illegal or banned substances. Is the temptation there for you?


T-Nation: Let's hope women like you help kick the skinny, no-muscle, heroin-addict look right back into the alley! Now, you wrote "no nude requests" on your ModelMayhem page. I'm guessing that nudity is a slippery slope in your profession? Is it tempting at all?

T-Nation: Boooo! (Kidding, kidding... ) Future plans: First, what's coming up for you in the immediate future? Second, what are your long term goals?


T-Nation: Cool. Where can T-Nation readers go to find out more about you?

T-Nation: Thanks for the chat today, Jamie!


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