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Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

At times, being a T NATION journalist can be a real drag. There's daunting workloads, impossible deadlines, and having to keep tabs on coaches that aren't exactly known for their prompt and courteous email response times.

There's also the dreaded SSAotM (Soul Sucking Assignment of the Month), which I've been told (several times, in fact) always goes to the low man on the T NATION Totem Pole.

Translation? Me.

Fortunately, this month I actually caught a break. The regular scheduled SSAotM, steal a silver weather balloon and provide a bird's eye view of Biotest HQ in Colorado, had been mysteriously grounded, so by default I got to interview fitness model Pauline Nordin (pronounced nor-DEEN).

Born in Sweden in 1982, this 5'2" dynamo currently calls Los Angeles home, where the self-described "multi-tasker" earns a living as a trainer, writer, and owner of her company, The Fighter Diet. When she's not reading T NATION, she's also an in-demand fitness model whose rock hard image just recently graced the T NATION Powerful Images section.

But lest you think this is just another bubble gum interview with a (very) pretty face with and a sexy Swedish accent, think again. This beauty is as tough as they come. She never cheats on her diet and never trains light, but don't call her a bodybuilder!

And whatever you do, don't even think about asking her if she'd ever pose naked...

T NATION: So what got you into training and when?

TM: What did you look like before you started lifting?

TM: What are some mistakes that you made along the way?

TM: Give us a snapshot of a typical day in your life.

TM: You train pretty heavy and basic. Is this the best way for women to train?

TM: Give us an example of a typical shoulder workout.

TM: What mistakes do most women in the gym make?

TM: I'm not surprised that's your answer.

TM: That's a personal favorite of mine.

TM: Let's change gears. You were involved in the Swedish version of The Biggest Loser. What was that experience like?

TM: How did you accomplish that?

TM: So would you consider yourself a "no bullshit, no excuses, kind of woman"?

TM: How is life in America different than life in Sweden?

TM: What do you miss about home?

TM: What do you have to say to people who find it tough to stick to a diet?

TM: You really are a hard ass!

TM: Often men who start lifting are screwed up somehow and they're trying to get rid of some demons. Does that apply to women, too? Or, more importantly, does it apply to you?

TM: Come on, it's not like you're big!

TM: You must get a lot of questions about steroids. Have you ever used?

TM: What is your opinion of other female competitors taking drugs?

TM: So no temptations to use, despite so many other girls around you using?

TM: Although you have a very built body, you've said you don't want to be called a bodybuilder. Why?

TM: Define "overboard?"

TM: Works for me. So is there a "type" of guy that you find attractive?

TM: If Playboy offered you a million dollars, would you pose naked?

TM: Not even for a million dollars?

TM: That's refreshing to hear; especially considering Nate Green tells me all the time he'd pose nude for a free tank of Premium Unleaded. So what are your business goals?

TM: Any personal goals?

TM: And I'm sure many people will enjoy watching you do it. Thanks for doing this today Pauline!

For more information about Pauline Nordin and the Fighter Diet, just go to

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

You should compare yourself to the elite so you get pushed,
not with the average gym rat lady.

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

Some women assume they'll bulk up if they train too hard
and turn into the Hulk.

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

Nobody told ME I have to be very lean and disciplined all the time
so how could I complain?

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

I'm just used to doing a lot more than what is considered
the norm in order to pursue my goals.

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

The need to feel pretty while working out is an inhibiting factor because you're never going to look hot when you squat your max!

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

Pauline Nordin Exposed (Figuratively Speaking)

I've managed to build dense, thick, feminine curves
without a fat padding on top.

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