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An Interview with Dave Tate

I interviewed Dave Tate, 41-year-old businessman and world-class powerlifting expert, on January 13th. We talked, laughed, and cursed for two hours, and somehow I convinced myself that I'd done my job as a journalist, that I'd conducted a comprehensive, cohesive interview.

Then the transcript arrived. Sixty-two pages, 21,994 words. After reading through a few pages, I noticed a pattern: there was no fucking pattern.

While Dave was talking about Westside Barbell, he launched into a story about sending 75 pounds of pornography to Jim Wendler, a fellow powerlifter and his future sales manager at EliteFTS. He talked about why the 225-pound bench press test, a favorite yardstick to measure athletic talent at the NFL Combine, was "fucking stupid," then pivoted to a rant about fat guys and kindergarten. He told me his thoughts about the future of the fitness industry, said he liked my book, then went off on a tangent about tearing both pecs.

I realized my questions didn't matter. He had a lot to say, and his thoughts were uniquely interesting, funny, poignant, and inspiring. But there's no use pretending those thoughts were offered in response to any particular question I asked. We might've ended up with the same answers if I'd asked the questions in Arabic or Lithuanian. So I took out the questions, leaving you with pure, undiluted Dave.

Dave, a native of Findlay, Ohio, currently resides just outside Columbus. He's as well-known for his prolific and profane rants about whatever happens to be on his mind (if you're not easily offended, try this one) as for his powerlifting achievements. (He reached Elite status in three different weight classes, and recorded an all-time-best total of 2,205 pounds.)

He's also the author of Under the Bar and a married guy with two young sons.

With that out of the way, here's Dave.

Interview with Dave Tate

I Became the Dude You Didn't Fuck With

I Was Standing Up There In My Underwear With Oil On and Felt Stupid

Under the Bar, It's All About You

Slow it Down and Don't Burn Out

You're a Lot Stronger Than You Think You Are

It's Always Going to be Fucked Up

Everyone's Torn a Pec

I Miss Being a Part of the Sport

Because I'm Still a Meathead

Interview with Dave Tate

My Biceps Didn't Even Know What a Curl Was

Interview with Dave Tate

The Second Set, You'll Suck Ass

A Whole Complete Crock of Shit

All Night Long, with Every Table

Interview with Dave Tate

The Porn Godfather of Kentucky

Busting My Ass Carrying Trees

Fuck Moderation

Take it Too Far and You'll Cut Your Throat

I Can Handle the Criticism

The Strength and Resolve of a Five-Year-Old Kid

I Can't Even Find Their Fucking Hip Bone

A Reinvention of the Hardcore Gyms

Nate Green is the author Built for Show: Four Body Changing Workouts for Building Muscle, Losing Fat, and Looking Good Enough to Hook Up, which is in bookstores nationwide.

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