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Last week, I wrote an Atomic Dog about my "crisis of faith". Through television, newspapers, and simply living in the material world, I’d gotten the notion that the American people weren’t dissimilar from bowls of oatmeal, at least intellectually speaking.

I’d begun to wonder if anybody out there was listening, whether there was anyone out there who took as much pride in his intellectual accomplishments as his or her physical accomplishments.

So I cried out to the Heavens for a sign, and a sign I got. In fact, we received more responses that we could easily count, all from T-men and women who are bright…no, downright intelligent!

The following represents a substantial sampling of the letters we got. There were so many that we couldn’t respond to each one, but we simply wanted to present them here as an affirmation of T-man brain power.

And a personal note from me: Thanks for restoring my faith!

MENSA Muscles

Smart Babe


Government Issue Nerd

Bona Fide Nerd


Restore the Faith

Degrees, Degrees, Degrees

National Merit Scholar

If We Could Blow Our Own Horns We Wouldn't Leave the House!

The Other Head

Barbells and Quantum Physics

Not Alone

Big Brain Brit

Canadian Warrior Nerd

Really Hit Home

Brainy Book

Keep the Faith

One Educated 24-Year Old

Crisis of Faith Feedback

I Wouldn't Read Your Site If You Sucked

Intelligent and Ballsy Guys

Intellectual Accomplishments

Bright Machinist

All Things Asian

Agree 100%

More Intellectual Accomplishments

Minority of One

Warrior Sage

Yes, I Am A Nerd

Keeping the Mind Sharp


Honor Roll

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