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Too Much Muscle

The Glenn Pendlay Secret

Olympic Powerlift
Glenn Pendlay

Testosterone Nation: Your athletes, whether they're Olympic lifters or football players getting ready for the NFL Combine, are known for putting on muscle very quickly. But you're not a hypertrophy coach per se.

T NATION: It's a little frustrating to hear that a lot of athletes build very muscular and lean bodies without ever "bodybuilding" in the traditional sense of the word. Train for performance, look like a bodybuilder, or at least a drug-free bodybuilder.

T.J. Ward

Methods & Metabolism

T NATION: Okay, let's get to it. How are these guys gaining muscle so quickly?

T NATION: You've talked in our forums about how this is related to hormones. Can you elaborate?

T NATION: That makes sense.

Jon North

T NATION: What does your upper/lower split look like?

T NATION: How often are your athletes training? 

The Best O-Lifts and the Push Press

T NATION: Okay, what's one lift the hypertrophy-focused guy needs to learn from the Olympic-lifting world?

T NATION: Break down the push press for us. Why should the bodybuilder use it instead of, say, a military press?

T NATION: Wow, time to start push pressing more often! Give us the important points of how you want to see people push press.

Speed Kills

TJ Ward

T NATION: Explosive training is making a comeback, so to speak, in hypertrophy training. Why exactly?

T NATION: Give us an example of explosive training.

T NATION: Train at different speeds. Got it. And you break that down into three speeds, basically?

The Rule and the Row

T NATION: Any general rule with the Olympic lifts for those of us not training under the watchful eye of a coach?

T NATION: Not many coaches have exercises named after them. You do. What are Pendlay Rows?

T NATION: Any final tips for the T NATION audience?