Figure Athletes
New IFBB Figure Pro, Huong Arcinas.
Jelena Abbou at this past weekend's IFBB New York Pro Figure
Jen Cook
Michelle Anderson
Jelena Abbou in last week's Jan Tana Classic
T-Nation and MWA member Mandy Polk
Jelena Abbou, trained by Christian Thibaudeau, 8 days out from competition.
MWA author Olesya Novik
Noel Clark
MWA and T-Nation member Amy Bates
Valerie Waugaman, coached by T-Nation's John Berardi
T-Nation and MWA member and IFBB Fitness Professional Mandy Polk
Jelena Abdou, 5 weeks out from competition.
MWA member Cathy Cole
Phyique athlete Shawn Tan. The 6-foot tall Tan weighed 320 pounds when she began training. Here she is at a lean 190 pounds.
Fawnia, photo by Alan Worsfold
Muscle With Attitude Member, Michelle Coger
MWA Member \
T-Nation member, Michelle Cogger
Charmaine Patterson
Breean Robinson
Gina Aliotti
Gina Aliotti
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