The 200 Rep Challenge

Need a challenge? Need to shock your muscles into a growth spurt? Need to make that personal trainer with the oversized head and youth-sized Under Armour shirt drop his favorite baby blue dumbbell on his toe?

Then this killer workout — a mash-up of Poliquin, Staley, and even Arnold's training ideas — is for you.

The Challenge

Your challenge: Perform a chest/back day consisting of only two exercises: the dip and the semi-supinated (palms facing each other) chin-up.

Your goal: Get 100 reps of each exercise, alternating between them. One set of dips, short rest, one set of chin-ups, short rest, back to dips, repeat until you get 100 total reps of each movement.


The twist: Use a stopwatch and time the entire workout, from rep one to rep one-hundred. The next time you do this particular workout, try to beat that time.

The Exercises

Dip: Taking a fairly wide grip on a set of dipping bars (if you have that option), lower yourself under control into a deep bottom position. None of that halfway-down crap; the biceps should touch the forearm. Pause a split second at the bottom, then fire back up. That's one rep.


Allow your legs to extend behind you a bit to put more emphasis on the chest. Remember, wide-grip dip plus leaned-forward position equals chest exercise. Narrow grip and upright position makes it more of a triceps exercise. Not what we want here, though your tri's are going to get clobbered pretty good anyway.

Semi-Supinated Chin-up: Use two parallel chinning bars here if your gym has them (you'll usually find these in the middle of the crossover machine or attached to a dip station). From a rock-bottom hang, pull up, pause a split second at the top, then lower yourself under control back to rock bottom. Again, none of that halfway-down, leg-kicking jackassery.

Semi-Supinated Chin-up
Semi-Supinated Chin-up

Notes and Tips

V-handle chin up

Give this shock routine a try the next time you need a challenge in the gym, and be sure to tell us about your workout in our discussion section!

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