Author: Wil Fleming

Muscle Snatch for Strength and Power
by Wil Fleming | Mon, Sep 23, 2013

The muscle snatch is an Olympic-style lift that doesn't need any coaching or seminars. You just grip it and rip it.

300 Pound Complexes For Max Strength
by Wil Fleming | Tue, Jun 18, 2013

Light-weight complexes will get you ripped, but frighteningly heavy complexes will get you strong.

Olympic Lift Variations to Get Big
by Wil Fleming | Tue, Mar 19, 2013

Is hypertrophy possible with Olympic lifts? Or is that as illogical as a 275-pound Crossfitter with 22-inch arms and a banging Fran time?

The Comprehensive Guide to the Snatch
by Wil Fleming | Thu, Jan 03, 2013

If you want to learn how to snatch, stop watching miserable YouTube poseurs and read this article.

Complexes: Different, Harder, and Better
by Wil Fleming | Thu, Nov 01, 2012

More ways to kick your butt in a training session while building some size and strength along the way. And, if you're feeling spunky, test yourself with the Javorek complex.

The 6 Most Common Snatch Mistakes
by Wil Fleming | Thu, Oct 04, 2012

The snatch is an awesome lift, if you know how to do it. Eliminate these 6 rookie mistakes and start hurling some serious weight.

Olympic Lifting Made Simple
by Wil Fleming | Tue, Sep 25, 2012

A tested program that will quickly get you dominating on the Olympic lifting platform.

Brutal Complexes
by Wil Fleming | Wed, Sep 05, 2012

Get better at the Olympic lifts while whipping your sorry butt into shape with these three killer complexes.

10 Movements For Explosive Power
by Wil Fleming | Fri, Aug 31, 2012

Power training doesn't have to mean endless sets of power cleans. Here are 10 butt-kicking alternatives to energize your training.

Commercial Gym Power
by Wil Fleming | Thu, Aug 16, 2012

What do you do if you want to perform Olympic weightlifting at your gym but it's not possible or it's against the rules?