Author: Shelby Starnes

Diet Planning for the Hardgainer
by Shelby Starnes | Mon, Sep 19, 2011

Terrific remedies for the chronically slim, including info on calorie intake and macronutrient intake, along with little-known strategies for packing on meat.

2 Weeks to Shredded
by Shelby Starnes | Wed, Aug 17, 2011

Need to look your absolute best but only have two weeks to do it? We've got the perfect carb-cycling plan for you.

The Cardio Manifesto
by Shelby Starnes | Wed, Aug 03, 2011

Everyone hates cardio. Here's how to choose the right type, intensity, frequency, and duration to get into prize-worthy condition.

How To End Your Diet
by Shelby Starnes | Mon, Jun 20, 2011

Dieting is easy. Not morphing into a bloated sow afterward is hard. Here's how to end your diet right!

5 Surprising Reasons You Blew Your Diet
by Shelby Starnes | Wed, May 25, 2011

Diets don't fail. People do. Here's why.

Controlled-Carb Bulking Strategy
by Shelby Starnes | Thu, May 19, 2011

Here's the ultimate mass plan for the carb-phobic bodybuilder!

Custom Physique Manipulation: The Workshop
by Shelby Starnes and Clay Hyght, DC | Wed, May 18, 2011

T NATION is Giving Away 25 Tickets - Free!

The Cheat Meal Manifesto
by Shelby Starnes | Wed, Apr 20, 2011

Re-feeds, carb-ups, cheat meals. Here's how to use them to get ripped for summer!

Advanced Appetite Suppression
by Shelby Starnes | Mon, Mar 28, 2011

It's time to diet, fatty. Beat back hunger with protein, Chocamine, and... nicotine?

The Perfect Body Fat Percentage
by Shelby Starnes | Mon, Mar 14, 2011

What's the optimal amount of body fat to carry around when you're trying to build muscle?

Nutritional Leverage: The Dieting Edition
by Shelby Starnes | Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Ketogenic diets, cheat meals, fat loss plateaus, and blowing your diet straight to hell. Isn't this fat loss thing supposed to be simple?