Author: Mi Boyle

Deadlift or Squat: What's the Diff?
by Michael Boyle | Wed, May 02, 2012

The difference between squats and deadlifts and all the variations of each is a lot less than what you might have been led to believe.

A Comeback for Lat Pulldowns?
by Michael Boyle | Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Real men do chin-ups and pull-ups, and only the dorkiest of the dorks do pulldowns...;or is there actually a strong case for doing lat pulldowns?

Exercises Saved From the Dumpster
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Feb 09, 2012

Three exercises that Coach Boyle thought were worthy of the garbage bin are now among his favorites.

5 Great Lessons
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Sep 15, 2011

Some coaches are so good that their peers sing their praises. Here's what Coach Boyle thinks you should know about Dan John.

5 Superior Single Leg Exercises
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Jun 16, 2011

One-leg straight leg deadlifts with 315 pounds for 5 reps!?! You've got to see it to believe it.

Build Bigger Legs, One at a Time
by Michael Boyle | Mon, Aug 03, 2009

Coach Boyle discovers a faster, safer way to increase lower-body muscle size and strength.

Is Sport-Specific Training a Myth?
by Michael Boyle | Mon, Feb 23, 2009

Coach Mike explains why the exercises an athlete doesn't perform can have the biggest impact on his success in a training program.

Lifts I Never Did, Used to Do, or Just Started Doing Again
by Michael Boyle | Tue, Feb 03, 2009

A veteran strength coach riffs on deadlifts, squats, rollouts, and why he?d rather not have to explain why his athletes get so many strange bruises.

Anterior Core Training
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Apr 10, 2008

The strength guys and the functional guys generally agree that all good core training is done standing. As usual, Mike Boyle disagrees with both parties. He thinks we need to re-invent the wheel; the ab wheel, that is.

So You Think You Know Strong
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Jan 03, 2008

Can you do three chin-ups with 135 pounds strapped to your be-hind? No, then you ain't "strong" according to Coach Boyle! How much can you bench? Really? Because he doesn't really care. Find out what true strength means to him in this article!

Essential 8 Mobility Drills
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Oct 25, 2007

Finally, a warm-up routine that even people who hate warming up can handle! This short series of drills will not only make you feel better, but the increased mobility you'll gain will help you make unprecedented gains in the gym.

Just One Exercise
by Michael Boyle | Wed, Sep 19, 2007

Mike Boyle hates the question, "If you could only do one exercise, what would it be?" To him, it's like asking if Superman could beat the Hulk. Regardless, he gave us an answer that's pretty intriguing.

Real "Core" Exercise
by Michael Boyle | Thu, Aug 30, 2007

Mike Boyle throws a bucket of cold water on the people who don't approve of core training. By the way, in throwing that bucket, he trained the anti-rotator function of the core versus the rotator function.

15 Things I Thought I Knew
by Michael Boyle | Wed, Jul 18, 2007

Mike used to like Functional Training. He used to think Mike Mentzer was kind of a bonehead. Now he's not so sure about the former or the latter, along with a whole lot of other things. If his current rate of "unlearning" continues, he soon won't know anything!

Joint-by-Joint Approach to Training
by Michael Boyle | Wed, Jun 20, 2007

Mike Boyle and other coaches think you should train movement patterns, not muscles. The next step? Thinking about training from a joint perspective. Confused? Read this article and all will be clear!

Case for Single Limb Training
by Michael Boyle | Tue, Apr 24, 2007

Bodybuilders and strength athletes often scorn single limb training, but what do they call any type of dumbbell work? That's right, it's single limb training. Well, it's time to extend the courtesy to the legs. Employing this type of training will definitely make you bigger and stronger!

Stop Listening to Track Coaches - 04.13.07
by Mike Boyle | Fri, Apr 13, 2007

Please don't get me wrong. Some of the people who were most influential in my professional development were track coaches. However, it took me too long to realize that they coached people who ran upright almost all the time and never had to stop or to change direction. The old joke in track coaching is that it really comes down to "run fast and lean left."

Lesson in CNS Intensive Training
by Mike Boyle | Wed, Mar 21, 2007

The central nervous system - it's been called it the "last frontier of weight training." Regardless of whether it's the last frontier or not, it's mucho important. Knowing how to manipulate it can accelerate your progress almost beyond belief, regardless of whether you're a competitive athlete or a bodybuilder.

Not for Every Body - 03.13.07
by Mike Boyle | Tue, Mar 13, 2007

Not everyone is made to squat or clean. I rarely squatted with my basketball players as many found squatting uncomfortable for their backs and knees. It killed me to stop because the squat is a lift I fundamentally believed in, but athletes with long femurs will be poor squatters. It's physics. It took me a while to realize that a good lift isn't good for everybody.

25 Years, 25 Mistakes
by Mike Boyle | Thu, Mar 01, 2007

Coach Boyle's been dragging his calloused butt through the weighlifting business for 25 years. During that time he's made a few mistakes, but luckily for you whippersnappers, he wants to save you from making those same mistakes.

6 Things I Really Dislike
by Mike Boyle | Thu, Dec 28, 2006

I was going to call this article "6 Things I Hate," then I realized I'd be a hypocrite. I tell my seven-year-old daughter all the time that hate is a strong word and it should be used with caution. Hence the new title.

Twenty Things I Know
by Mike Boyle | Wed, Nov 08, 2006

I like reading Testosterone . The nutrition and training info is top notch and so are the writers. I really enjoy Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Dan John, Alwyn Cosgrove, Charles Staley, Chad Waterbury, and Christian Thibaudeau. I've read much of what they've written.

Strong Athlete, Zero Injuries
by Mike Boyle | Mon, Oct 02, 2006

Change, Dumb Comments, and Macho Crap Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the field of strength development, this concept applies directly to exercise selection. In order to prevent injuries we need to be able to change.

Injuries = Imbalances - 09.11.06
by Mike Boyle | Mon, Sep 11, 2006

Look at injuries as symptoms of imbalances: Weak glutes cause pulled hamstrings. A weak psoas and iliacus leads to pulled quads. Rotator cuff strains come from lack of scapula control. I think we spend way too much time treating symptoms and trying to strengthen the wrong muscles. Shirley Sahrmann says that if you have an injured muscle, you should start looking for a weak synergist. Think about it.