Author: Mark Rippetoe

Fallacy of High Rep Olympic Lifting
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, Aug 26, 2013

High-rep Olympic lifting is rising in popularity largely do to CrossFit. But is it a smart way to train?

Rippetoe Goes Off
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, Jul 08, 2013

Rip has a few questions for you about unilateral exercises, imbalances, exercise variety, and why you're such a wussy.

Rippetoe Throws Down
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, Apr 15, 2013

You Crossfitters? You core trainers? You unilateral trainers? You're not training. You're just exercising, and you're never going to get any better than you are today.

Conditioning is a Sham
by Mark Rippetoe | Tue, Dec 11, 2012

In almost any circumstance, except marathon running, you're better off training strength than you are training conditioning.

Get Your Press Up!
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, Jul 23, 2012

600-pound benchers may be forgiven for not focusing on the press. Your narrow ass, on the other hand, has no excuses.

Are You Ignorant When it Comes to the Deadlift?
by Mark Rippetoe | Tue, Dec 06, 2011

It's okay that you don't know how to deadlift if you were never taught properly. But if you still don't know after reading this article, that's a different story.

The Biggest Training Fallacy of All
by Mark Rippetoe | Thu, Jul 07, 2011

There's a big difference between training and just exercising. Do you know what it is? We'll give you a clue: it has to do with adaptation.

When it Comes to Squats, Easier Doesn't Work
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, May 02, 2011

There are easier, more fun ways to squat than below parallel. Trouble is, they don't work.

A Cold Slap in the Newbie Face: Recover More, Grow More
by Mark Rippetoe | Thu, Feb 17, 2011

Give this article to the newbie you've taken under your wing. He may not listen to you when it comes to recovery and growth tactics, but if he won't listen to Rippetoe, wash your hands of the little SOB.

Proper Back Position for Power
by Mark Rippetoe | Thu, Jan 27, 2011

One simple adjustment in your lower back position could allow you to start smashing personal records immediately.

Who Wants to Be a Novice? You Do.
by Mark Rippetoe | Mon, Dec 13, 2010

Being a novice is a beautiful thing if you want to add strength and muscle to your frame at a shocking rate. Here's a program that will help you do just that.

The Texas Method
by Mark Rippetoe | Wed, Nov 03, 2010

From the Lone Star State comes a good ol' program with simple, linear progressions to get you hombres to the next level of strength respectability.