Author: Jeffrey Stout, PhD

Beta-Alanine: A Supplement Superstar
by Dr. Jeffrey R. Stout, PhD | Wed, Dec 13, 2006

Over the years I've studied dozens of supplements and ergogenic aids, most notable among them creatine, and when something new comes along, I find myself asking the same questions: • Does it occur naturally in the body or in foods? • When taken orally, does the body use it to its advantage, or does it combat it? • When exerting its effects, what physiological processes occur? • Do I want to use it?

Precision Nutrition
by Jeffrey R. Stout, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT | Fri, Oct 30, 1998

When most of us want to make some sort of long-term change to our bodies, we generally look for answers in the medicine cabinet.