Author: Dave Tate

Elite Wisdom
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jul 04, 2013

Dave Tate is not a motivational speaker. He just kicks your butt into gear by telling you the cold hard truth. So listen up.

Master the Squat
by Dave Tate | Mon, Jun 03, 2013

900-pound squatter Dave Tate shows you how to smash your squat plateau... if you can handle it.

Lessons from The Dead Zone: The Bench
by Dave Tate | Mon, Dec 03, 2012

Do everything Dave Tate tells you to do in this article and you'll add 50 pounds to your bench press.

Iron Evolution: Reflections Part 2
by Dave Tate | Mon, Oct 08, 2012

Dave Tate talks about injuries, nutrition, technique, peri-workout nutrition, and in general, busting your balls in the gym.

Iron Evolution: Reflections Part 1
by Dave Tate | Mon, Oct 01, 2012

The next phase in Dave's iron evolution is helping others, and he's starting with you.

Iron Evolution: Phase 9
by Dave Tate | Mon, Jun 18, 2012

Thirty years of iron work ends at the top of the mountain - with the Mountain Dog.

Iron Evolution: Phase 8
by Dave Tate | Mon, Mar 05, 2012

How does a broken-down powerlifter turn himself into a jacked-up bodybuilder? He gets help from three top coaches.

Iron Evolution: Phase 7
by Dave Tate | Mon, Dec 12, 2011

When Dave retired from powerlifting, he was a physical wreck. But all the king's horses couldn't put him back together, so he took matters into his own hands and came up with an unorthodox cure.

Iron Evolution: Phase 6
by Dave Tate | Mon, Oct 03, 2011

Maximum Effort Method, Dynamic Effort Method, and the Repetition Method, including a comprehensive workout that pulls it all together. Enough said.

Iron Evolution: Phase 5
by Dave Tate | Mon, Jul 25, 2011

Dave shares his step-by-step approach to doing record lifts in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

Iron Evolution: Phase 4
by Dave Tate | Mon, Jun 06, 2011

Most of you don't have what it takes to train at Westside. But it's not your body that will break down first, it's your weak mind.

Dave Tate's Iron Evolution: Phase 3 - Return to Powerlifting
by Dave Tate | Mon, Apr 04, 2011

Powerlifting's prodigal son returns bigger and stronger to bending bars, busting PR's, and tearing pecs.

Dave Tate's Iron Evolution: Phase 2 - Bodybuilding
by Dave Tate | Mon, Feb 28, 2011

Zubaz pants, Hotskinz tights, and matching fanny packs. Dave Tate survived bodybuilding in the '80s - and learned a few things along the way, too.

Dave Tate's Iron Evolution: Phase 1 - Progressive Overload
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jan 20, 2011

While you were listening to Duran Duran and watching Mork and Mindy, Dave Tate was under the bar. Here's what you can learn from his experiences. Nanoo, Nanoo!

The Evolution of Dave Tate
by Dave Tate | Wed, Dec 08, 2010

You don't spend 30 years under the bar without acquiring a few scars - and learning a few lessons.

Shut the Hell Up and Listen
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jul 03, 2008

More tough love from Date Tate. Just don't get too grossed out by a couple of the pictures.

9 Great Secrets of Training Success
by Dave Tate | Tue, Jul 01, 2008

Dave presents his greatest training secrets, They're based on his experience and that of his peers and they represent the cold hard truth that many would rather avoid.

The Best Stance - 06.28.07
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jun 28, 2007

If you don't know your foot position for a conventional deadlift and need a place to start from, try hanging from a chin bar and simply drop to the floor. Normally, where your feet land is your best pulling stance.

Cure Dropped Deadlifts - 06.21.07
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jun 21, 2007

There are very few things that I've seen work when it comes to help with dropped deadlifts due to grip. Dumbbell holds, however, are one movement that's shown great results. Grab the top of a hex dumbbell, making sure that you don't touch the numbers. Grab, stand, and hold for as long as you can. If you can go over 20 seconds, up the weight.

Learn From Others - 06.15.07
by Dave Tate | Fri, Jun 15, 2007

The most successful people spend their time learning from their mistakes and other people. If strength is your game then read about it, talk about it, and do everything you can to make yourself better. Talk to anyone you feel can help you. Steal from the strong and use it in your training. You can never learn too much. Your success may depend on one very small thing you could never have figured out yourself.

Don't Get Pulled Down - 06.14.07
by Dave Tate | Thu, Jun 14, 2007

You only go around once, so you may as well make the best of your time here by living the life you really want to live. "Well, Dave, I'd like to but..." But what? Do what you gotta do! There are many people out there who live "but lives," "I shoulda lives," and "I coulda lives." These people are easy to find. They're the ones we call critics: those who've become masters of the "have not" and love to spend their time telling us what we can and can't do. They make up 90% of the people I've met. Avoid them! They love to pull you down.

Rome - 06.11.07
by Dave Tate | Mon, Jun 11, 2007

Train your ass off. Rome wasn't built in a day, but they didn't waste time by sitting around doing nothing either!

Stick to the Basics - 06.06.07
by Dave Tate | Wed, Jun 06, 2007

You've read about the dynamic and max effort methods and are excited to get rolling. Problem is you just began training six months ago and look like a beanpole. Yes, you can use these methods, but only when they're implemented into a program based around your weaknesses. What's your weakness? Hamstrings? Triceps? Or could it be that your entire body needs to be built up? A beginner doesn't need to start with advanced training principles. He needs to first build a solid foundation with basic movements.

Don't Workout. Train! - 05.17.07
by Dave Tate | Thu, May 17, 2007

There's more to getting strong than just lifting the weights. You have to get an attitude with the weights and bust your ass. Louie once told me he would NEVER train with anyone who didn't scare him in one way or another. This is some of the best advice I've ever heard. I'm not saying you should be a dick, but there's a huge difference between "training" and "working out."

Do What You Suck Doing - 05.15.07
by Dave Tate | Tue, May 15, 2007

Weak points come from not doing the things you suck at doing. The difference between a successful athlete and a crappy one is they always do the things they have to do, not what they want to do.

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