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Abs How To Build A Tight, Rock-Hard Waist
Today Shrink your waist, maximize strength, and crush the big lifts with these core training techniques.
"It used to take me five days to recover from a hard workout. Now, I'm able to train seven days a week, and chomping at the bit to hit legs twice."

Diet & Fat Loss

Meadows-back The Bulking Diet Delusion
04/15/14 No male needs to get above 12% body fat to gain muscle at an optimal rate. A "dirty bulk" will just wreck your body over the long haul.


Mdbaker1 Micro-PA™ Directly Activates and Amplifies Hypertrophy
01/25/14 Stimulate muscle growth by activating mTOR, which is the master enzyme responsible for muscle protein synthesis.

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Dieting: A Rant
04/02/14 Have you ever had to go out to eat with a group of people while you're on a strict diet? Dave Tate feels your pain.